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58-67-304 License Renewal Requirements.


(1) As a condition precedent for license renewal, each licensee shall, during each two-year licensure cycle or other cycle defined by division rule:

(a) complete qualified continuing professional education requirements in accordance with the number of hours and standards defined by division rule made in collaboration with the board;

(b) appoint a contact person for access to medical records and an alternate contact person for access to medical records in accordance with Subsection 58-67-302(1)(i); and

(c) if the licensee practices medicine in a location with no other persons licensed under this chapter, provide some method of notice to the licensee's patients of the identity and location of the contact person and alternate contact person for the licensee.

(2) If a renewal period is extended or shortened under Section 58-67-303, the continuing education hours required for license renewal under this section are increased or decreased proportionally.

(3) An application to renew a license under this chapter shall:

(a) require a physician to answer the following question: "Do you perform elective abortions in Utah in a location other than a hospital?"; and

(b) immediately following the question, contain the following statement: "For purposes of the immediately preceding question, elective abortion means an abortion other than one of the following: removal of a dead fetus, removal of an ectopic pregnancy, an abortion that is necessary to avert the death of a woman, an abortion that is necessary to avert a serious risk of substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function of a woman, an abortion of a fetus that has a defect that is uniformly diagnosable and uniformly lethal, or an abortion where the woman is pregnant as a result of rape or incest."

(4) In order to assist the Department of Health in fulfilling its responsibilities relating to the licensing of an abortion clinic, if a physician responds positively to the question described in Subsection (3)(a), the division shall, within 30 days after the day on which it renews the physician's license under this chapter, inform the Department of Health in writing:

(a) of the name and business address of the physician; and

(b) that the physician responded positively to the question described in Subsection (3)(a).

Amended by Chapter 161, 2011 General Session 2011 Amended by Chapter 214, 2011 General Session 2011

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