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§ 9-606. Ammunition.

(1) Legislative Findings. The Council finds:

(a) An emergency has been created by a substantial increase in the number and in the seriousness of crimes committed by minors against persons and property within the City.

(b) The increase in crime has been caused, in part, by the free accessibility which the said minors have to ammunition, which has created a menace to the preservation of public peace, safety, health, morals and welfare.

(c) The problem with respect to free accessibility to ammunition by minors can be reduced by regulating the sale and display of ammunition.

(2) Definitions. In this Section the following definitions apply:

(a) Ammunition. Any material used in discharging any type of firearm or any projectile discharged by said firearm.

(b) Minor. Any person under the age of 18 years.

(3) Prohibitions.

(a) Any person engaged in the business of selling ammunition shall be required to comply with the following:

(.1) during business hours no ammunition may be displayed on any open counter or in any other place readily accessible to the public.

(.2) during non-business hours ammunition shall not be displayed in windows.

(.3) a storage space, steel vault or steel safe approved by the Police and Fire Departments of a sufficient size to hold all the ammunition held for sale in any place in which ammunition is sold shall be provided for use during business and non-business hours whenever ammunition is unattended.

(b) No person shall sell, give or deliver any ammunition to minors; provided, that this Section shall not apply to ammunition supplied by a parent or guardian to his child or children, for lawful purposes.

(c) No person shall sell any ammunition which can be used in pistols, revolvers or other hand guns unless the purchaser produces satisfactory written identification and registers his name and address.

(d) Before promulgating any regulations designed to carry out the intent and purpose of this Chapter, the Department shall consult with the Police Department.

(4) Licenses.

(a) No person shall sell any ammunition unless he first receives a license from the Department.

(b) No person shall receive a license unless he:

(.1) complies with the provisions of this Section and the regulations issued pursuant thereto;

(.2) pays an annual fee of $75.

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