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§ 12-918. Parking For Auto Sharing Organizations.

(1) The term "Auto Sharing Organization" shall mean an organization that provides public access to a fleet of automobiles on an hourly basis, or in smaller intervals, and maintains said automobiles, which must be located at unstaffed, self-service locations (other than any incidental garage valet service) and generally available for pick-up by members 24 hours per day.

(2) No person, other than an auto sharing organization or its members, shall stop, stand or park a vehicle at a location designated for use by an auto sharing organization when a sign is erected giving notice thereof.

(3) One or more parking spaces may be reserved for vehicles owned by auto sharing organizations on each of following blockfaces, at specific locations to be designated by the Philadelphia Parking Authority:

(a) Catharine between 4th & 5th Streets, south side.

(b) 4th Street between Gaskill & South, east side.

(c) 43rd Street between Baltimore & Osage, east side.

(d) Spruce Street between 42nd & 43rd Streets, south side.

(e) Baltimore between 49th & 50th Streets, south side.

(f) 19th Street between South & Kater, west side.

(g) East Cumberland Street between Almond and Gaul Streets, north side.

(h) Frankford Avenue between East Norris Street and East Susquehanna Avenue, east side.

(i) East Passyunk Avenue between Tasker and Cross Streets, west side.

(j) Wharton Street between Sixth and Seventh streets, north side.

(k) Wharton Street between Passyunk Avenue and 10th Street, north side.

(l) Sixth Street between Reed and Gerritt Streets, west side.

(m) Third Street between Wildey and Poplar Streets, east side.

(n) Second Street between Wildey and George Streets, east side.

(o) 9th Street between Walnut and Sansom Streets, east side.

(p) Moyamensing between Tasker and Morris Streets, west side.

(q) Washington Avenue between 3rd and 4th Streets, south side.

(r) 10th Street between Carpenter and Kimball Streets, west side.

(s) 9th Street between Bainbridge and South Street, west side.

(t) 200 Moore Street, south side.

(u) 1100 Catharine Street, north side.

(v) 700 McClellan Street, north side.

(4) Council may by ordinance designate additional reserved parking spaces for vehicles owned by auto sharing organizations after taking in consideration the following:

(a) The difficulty or inability experienced by residents in close proximity of the proposed reserved parking location in obtaining curbside parking reasonably accessible to their residences;

(b) The desire of the residents in close proximity to the proposed reserved parking location for the institution of a reserved parking location for an auto sharing organization;

(c) The access to the area by means of transportation other than private vehicles; and

(d) The desirability of establishing a reserved parking location for an auto sharing organization in view of the actual or expected use of the car sharing organization.

(5) The Parking Authority may temporarily designate additional reserved spaces on additional blockfaces for a period not to exceed six months for any particular space, provided that the Authority takes into consideration the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

(6) Following Council or Parking Authority designation of a reserved location for parking an auto sharing vehicle, an auto sharing organization may apply to the Authority for exclusive use of such location on a first-come, first-served, basis. The Authority shall issue a permit for the use of the location upon payment of a permit fee. The permit fee shall be $150 per location per year, payable to the City of Philadelphia.

(7) A permit for the exclusive use of a space reserved for parking an auto sharing vehicle may be revoked at any time for reason of public health, safety or access need, if written notice is provided to the car sharing organization 30 days prior to such termination, unless for exigent circumstances such termination is required upon shorter notice. No permit shall be revoked for the purpose of issuing a permit to a competing auto sharing organization for the same location or blockface.

(8) The Parking Authority shall propose regulations to the Planning Commission by June 30, 2009 to implement the provisions of this Section. Such regulations shall not take effect until they are adopted by the City Planning Commission.

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