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§ 12-901. Stopping, Standing Or Parking Prohibited At Certain Places.

(1) When signs are erected giving notice thereof, no operator shall stop, stand or park a vehicle in any of the following places:

(a) Upon any bridge or viaduct, in any tunnel or underpass, or upon any approach to any bridge, viaduct, tunnel, or underpass;

(b) In a designated bus stop;

(c) Within 200 feet of any school property when such stopping, standing or parking would interfere with traffic or create a hazardous condition;

(d) Upon any street where stopping, standing, or parking would create a hazardous condition, or would cause serious delay to traffic, for a distance not exceeding 250 feet in length.

(2) No person shall move or push a vehicle into any prohibited area, or away from a curb such distance as is unlawful.

(3) No person shall park a commercial vehicle on any street within one hundred feet of any property used partially or completely for residential purposes between the hours of 6:00 P.M. to 6:00 A.M., except for the purpose of loading or unloading vehicles in the usual course of business with the occupiers of the residential property, or while carrying passengers for hire. This subsection shall not apply to any commercial vehicles having a capacity not in excess of one-half ton which has not been materially changed from the original manufacturer's design, nor to the following locations:

Souder street, between Unruh street and Knorr street, both sides, Edgewood street, between Elmwood and Buist avenues, both sides, and Godfrey avenue between 17th street and Ogontz avenue, both sides.

Regent street, between Sixty-fifth street and Sixty-sixth street, both sides.

3400 block of Vaux street, both sides.

Oregon avenue, between Thirteenth street and Juniper street, north side.

8500 block of Bergen place, both sides.

700 block of South Eighth street, both sides.

2200 block of Earp street, both sides.

3100 block of South Broad street.

600 block of Cheswick Road, both sides.

The above exemption shall not apply to any vehicle which is loaded with debris, waste or recyclable materials.

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