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§ 9-4401. Definitions.

The following definitions shall apply to this Chapter.

(1) Chronic Nuisance. A business with respect to which an owner has been issued a violation notice for nuisance behavior under this Chapter on three (3) or more separate days during any sixty (60) day period or on seven (7) or more separate days during any twelve (12) month period.

(2) Adequate Remedial Measures. Measures taken that are substantially likely to reduce, eliminate or prevent recurrence of the nuisance behavior at issue.

(3) Nuisance Behavior. Behavior that significantly interferes with the health, safety and welfare of the community, including, but not limited to, the following violations:

(a) Illegal consumption of alcoholic beverages (Section 10-604 of The Philadelphia Code);

(b) Illegal drug activity (The Controlled Substance Drug Device and Cosmetic Act, 35 P.S. §§ 780-101 et seq.);

(c) Unlawful street or sidewalk obstruction (Section 10-611(2) of The Philadelphia Code);

(d) Gambling (Section 10-611(2) of The Philadelphia Code);

(e) Loitering (Section 10-603 of The Philadelphia Code);

(f) Public urination or defecation (Section 10-609 of The Philadelphia Code);

(g) Litter on sidewalk (Section 10-704 of The Philadelphia Code);

(h) Prostitution (The Crimes Code, 18 Pa. C.S. § 5902);

(i) Owning operating or conducting a vehicle chop shop in any building or structure, including a lot or curtilage, for the purpose of dealing in stolen vehicles or vehicle parts or illegally obtaining and altering vehicles or vehicle identification numbers of vehicle parts (The Crimes Code, 18 Pa. C.S. §§ 7701 et seq.);

(j) Vehicles parked on sidewalk (Section 12-913(1)(a)(ii) of The Philadelphia Code);

(k) Off street parking spaces used for open storage, sale, or rental of goods, or storage of inoperable vehicles (Section 14-801(4) of The Philadelphia Code); and

(l) Any other activity that constitutes a public nuisance under The Philadelphia Code.

(4) Owner of a Business. The term includes the owner of a business and any person managing, operating or in control of the business.

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