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§ 9-2301. Definitions.

The following definitions shall apply throughout this Chapter.

(1) "Awarding authority" means any person that awards or otherwise enters into contracts for security, janitorial, building maintenance, food and beverage, hotel service, or health care services performed within the City of Philadelphia, including any subcontracts for these services.

(2) "Contractor" means any person that enters into a service contract with the awarding authority and any sub-contractors to such service contract at any tier, who employs ten (10) or more persons.

(3) "Employee" means any person employed to provide services pursuant to a service contract and includes registered nurses. "Employee" does not include a person who is (a) a managerial, supervisory, or confidential employee, including those employees who would so be defined under the Fair Labor Standards Act; or (b) is employed less than 15 hours a week.

(4) "Person" means any individual, proprietorship, partnership, joint venture, corporation, limited liability company, trust, association, or other entity that may employ individuals or enter into other contracts.

(5) "Service contract" means a contract let to a contractor by the awarding authority for the furnishing of security, janitorial, building maintenance, food and beverage, hotel service, or non-professional health care services, including any services to be performed by registered nurses.

(6) "Successorship service contract" means a service contract with the awarding authority where substantially the same services to be performed have previously been rendered to the awarding authority as part of the same program or at the same facility under another service contract that recently has been terminated or has ended within the previous 90 days.

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