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Section P-106.0 Plumbing Regulations.

P-106.1 Authorization: In enacting this code, the Council recognizes that the department has promulgated technical regulations governing the manner in which plumbing work is to be performed and the materials that are to be used. Those regulations are hereby reaffirmed. The department is authorized to promulgate additional such regulations and to amend existing such regulations as it deems necessary or appropriate from time to time. The department is also authorized to promulgate any other regulations necessary or appropriate to implement the provisions of this code. Promulgation of regulations shall be made subject to published notice and upon request, a public hearing.

P-106.2 Food waste grinders.

P-106.2.1 Legislative findings.

(1) Cities around the world are increasingly focused on the challenges and opportunities associated with the generation, management and disposition of food waste.

(2) Food waste comprises one of the largest components of household waste.

(3) Approximately 10 pounds of food waste each week is generated by the average American family.

(4) Food waste is one of the most difficult components in the waste stream to manage because it has a high moisture content, sticks to dry recyclables, thereby reducing their potential value, and attracts pests and becomes malodorous.

(5) The Philadelphia Streets Department collects more than 500,000 tons of residential waste each year, which it delivers to disposal facilities at a cost of about $29,500,000 per year.

(6) Food waste makes up about 10% of Philadelphia's residential waste.

(7) Analysis of the evidence demonstrates that Food Waste Grinders are valid tools for separating kitchen food waste at its source and diverting it to treatment, use and recycling via existing infrastructure.

(8) Food Waste Grinders offer the best opportunity for cost savings in comparison to other alternatives.

P-106.2.2 Domestic food waste grinders. A domestic food waste (garbage) grinder conforming to the American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE) Standard 1008, "Performance Requirements for Household Food Waste Disposer Units," shall be installed in all dwelling unit kitchen areas of newly constructed buildings containing the following occupancies:

1. one-family dwellings

2. two-family dwellings

3. multi-family dwellings

Exception: Buildings connected to an individual subsurface sewage disposal system.

P-106.2.3 Water supply required. Food waste grinders shall be provided with an adequate supply of water at a sufficient flow rate to ensure proper functioning of the unit.

P-102.2.4 Implementation date. The requirement under Section P-106.2.2 shall only apply to structures for which applications for building permits are submitted to the City on or after January 1, 2016.

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