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§ 19-2805. Return And Payment Of Tax.

(1) Each person whose net profits are subject to the tax imposed by this Chapter shall, on or before April 15 of each year, make and file with the Department a return on a form furnished by or obtainable from the Department setting forth the amount of such net profits earned by him during the preceding year and subject to the said tax, together with such other pertinent information as the Department may require. Where a return is made for a fiscal year or for any other period different from a calendar year, the said return shall be made within one hundred five (105) days from the end of the said fiscal year or other period.

(2) Each person who is employed on a salaried, wage, commission or other compensation basis, which is subject to a tax imposed by this Chapter and which tax is not withheld by his employer and paid to the Department as provided in § 19-2806 shall make and file a tax return with the Department for the three (3) months ending December 31, on or before the 15th day of the following February, and shall make and file a tax return with the city on or before the last day of April, July and October for the last three (3) months ending on the last day of the month preceding the due date. The return shall be made on a form furnished by the Department, setting forth the aggregate amount of salaries, wages, commissions and other compensation subject to the said tax earned by such person for the three (3) months, together with such other pertinent information as the city may require.

(3) Whenever any person files a return required by this Section he shall at the time of filing pay to the Department the amount of tax due thereon.

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