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§ 17-404. Administration And Enforcement.

(1) The Commission shall have the responsibility of administering this Chapter and in connection therewith shall:

(a) Require each employer to demonstrate compliance with the City contract provisions required by § 17-402 prior to the execution of the City contract;

(b) Receive and investigate and seek to adjust complaints that an employer has violated a provision of a City contract required by § 17-402;

(c) After investigation and upon a determination that there is reasonable cause to believe that such a complaint is true, issue and cause to be served on such employer a complaint stating the charges and a notice of a public hearing before the Commission to be held upon such complaint;

(d) Conduct a public hearing before the Commission on such complaint and make findings.

(2) After a hearing before the Commission and upon a finding by the Commission that an employer has violated a provision of a City contract required by § 17-402 hereof, the City shall have the right to all remedies provided in the City contract or otherwise available in law or equity.

(3) The Commission shall conduct an annual survey pursuant to appropriate regulations promulgated by the Commission, of organizations, clubs or associations in the counties of Philadelphia, Chester, Bucks, Montgomery and Delaware, in Pennsylvania, and the county of Camden, New Jersey, to determine whether such organizations, clubs or associations are governed by charter provisions, by-laws or policies which constitute such organizations, clubs or associations exclusionary private organizations as defined hereunder. The Commission shall publish the results of such survey which publication shall be for informational purposes only and shall not be evidence in any proceeding brought hereunder before the Commission that a particular organization, club or association is or is not, in fact, an exclusionary private organization.

(4) In carrying out its responsibilities hereunder, the Commission is empowered to make and issue regulations in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter.

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