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39:3-6.11. Definitions Relative To Apportioned Vehicles

21. As used in this act:

"Apportioned vehicle" means any vehicle used or intended for use in two or more member jurisdictions that register vehicles; is used for the transportation of persons for hire or is designed, used, or maintained for transportation of persons for hire or is designed, used, or maintained for transportation of property; and has a declared gross weight in excess of 26,000 pounds, or has three or more axles regardless of weight, or is used in combination when the gross vehicle weight of such combination exceeds 26,000 pounds; except that recreation vehicles, vehicles displaying restricted plates, city pick-up and delivery vehicles, buses used in transportation of chartered parties, and government-owned vehicles are not apportioned vehicles.

"Base jurisdiction" means, for the purpose of fleet registration, the jurisdiction where the registrant has an established place of business, where mileage is accrued by the fleet vehicles and where operational records for the vehicles are maintained or can be made available.

"Fleet" means one or more apportioned vehicles.

"In-jurisdiction miles" means the total number of miles operated by a fleet of apportioned vehicles in a jurisdiction during the preceding year. Mileage of New Jersey registered vehicles accrued in jurisdictions that are not member jurisdictions shall be counted as in-jurisdiction miles operated in New Jersey.

"International Registration Plan" means a registration reciprocity agreement among the signatory states of the United States and provinces of Canada providing the payment of registration fees on the basis of fleet miles operated in each jurisdiction.

"Interstate operations" means apportioned vehicle movement between or through two or more jurisdictions.

"Jurisdiction" means a state, territory or possession of the United States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or a state, province or territory of a country.

"Member jurisdiction" means a jurisdiction which is a party to the International Registration Plan.

"Motor carrier audit" means a physical examination of a motor carrier's operational records including source documentation to verify fleet mileage and accuracy of the carrier's record keeping system.

"Negotiable title" means a title issued by a jurisdiction that documents ownership of a vehicle and can be used to transfer ownership.

"Operational records" means documents supporting miles traveled in each jurisdiction and total miles travelled, such as, but not limited to fuel reports, trip sheets, and logs.

"Owner" means a person, business firm, or corporation holding the negotiable title to a vehicle or in whom the legal right of possession or control of the vehicle is vested.

"Preceding year" means the period of twelve consecutive months immediately before July 1 of the year preceding the commencement of the registration year for which apportioned registration is sought.

"Reciprocity" means that an apportioned vehicle properly registered in New Jersey shall be exempt from further registration requirements by any other member jurisdictions.

"Reciprocity agreement" means the agreement, arrangement or understanding governing the reciprocal grant of rights and privileges to vehicles that are based in and properly registered under the applicable laws of the jurisdiction that are parties to the International Registration Plan.

"Registrant" means a person, business firm, or corporation in whose name a vehicle or fleet of vehicles is registered.

"Registration year" means the 12-month period when the registration plates issued by the base jurisdiction are valid according to the laws of the base jurisdiction.

"Restricted plate" means a registration plate that has restrictions of time, geographic area, mileage or commodities or persons which may be hauled, such as a dealer plate or a farm plate.

"Total miles" means the total number of miles accumulated in all jurisdictions during the preceding year by all vehicles of the fleet while they were a part of the fleet. Mileage accumulated by the fleet that did not engage in interstate operations shall not be included in total miles.


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