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39:3-54.24 Employee Of Public Utility, Use Of Amber Light On Motor Vehicle Permitted; Fee.

1.An authorized employee of a public utility company who, as part of the official duties of a public utility employee, is required to use a motor vehicle owned or leased by him or a member of his family in the performance of his duties may apply for and be issued a permit by the chief administrator authorizing the display on that motor vehicle of an amber warning light that is provided by the public utility company. The permit for the amber warning light shall be in the possession of the public utility employee while the light is displayed on the motor vehicle. The chief administrator may cancel, suspend, or revoke a permit issued pursuant to this act whenever the conditions for its issuance no longer exist or for any other reasonable grounds. The chief administrator shall collect a $25 fee for the initial issuance and for each subsequent renewal of the permit for each vehicle for which the applicant seeks authorization to use an amber warning light. The fees collected pursuant to this section shall be considered revenue of the commission and shall not be subject to the calculation of proportional revenue remitted to the commission pursuant to section 105 of P.L.2003, c.13 (C.39:2A-36).

The amber warning light may be operated for the protection of the public and the public utility employee only while the motor vehicle is being used on a public highway by the authorized public utility employee in the performance of his official duties as a public utility employee.

The amber warning lights authorized under the provisions of this act shall be temporarily attached, removable lights of the flashing or revolving type, not more than 7 1/2 inches in diameter, and shall be controlled by a switch installed inside the vehicle.

While in operation, the amber warning light shall be conspicuously displayed on the roof of the motor vehicle.

Nothing herein shall be construed to grant any person displaying and operating an amber warning light pursuant to the provisions of this act any privileges or exemptions denied to the drivers of other motor vehicles and all such persons shall drive with due regard for the safety of all persons and shall obey the traffic laws of this State.


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