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39:3-4c Rules, Regulations Relative To Issuance Of Temporary Registration Certificates, Plates.

2. The chief administrator may prescribe rules and regulations governing the issuance of temporary registration certificates and temporary plates by motor vehicle dealers, motorized bicycle dealers, and the Motor Vehicle Commission and may require security in sufficient amount to guarantee payment of all fees and moneys to the State of New Jersey and, upon a finding that any abuse has been practiced by any licensed motor vehicle or motorized bicycle dealer, the chief administrator shall have the right to suspend such dealer's privilege or franchise to issue such temporary registration certificates and plates. Temporary registration certificates for vehicles to be permanently registered in New Jersey shall be valid for a period of 30 days. In the event permanent registration has been delayed by reason of a lost title certificate or failure of a lien holder to timely turn over a certificate of title, a second temporary registration certificate may be issued. A licensed motor vehicle or motorized bicycle dealer shall make a record in the form and manner prescribed by the chief administrator for each such second temporary registration certificate issued and shall pay an enhanced fee to be determined by the chief administrator for each such registration issued. Each licensed motor vehicle or motorized bicycle dealer shall annually determine the fees to be paid pursuant to this section and shall remit annually under certification the amount due to the Motor Vehicle Commission.

No temporary registration certificate shall be issued by a licensed dealer hereunder unless such licensed dealer has confirmed that the vehicle for which the temporary registration is to be issued is insured in accordance with the requirements of the "Motor Vehicle Security-Responsibility Law," P.L.1952, c.173 (C.39:6-23 et seq.), whether by a policy in the name of the purchaser or an endorsement to a policy in the name of the licensed dealer, provided, however, no permanent registration shall be issued unless a policy in the name of the purchaser or someone in the purchaser's household is confirmed.

A temporary registration certificate issued hereunder may be issued by any employee authorized by a licensed dealer to do so; however, the licensee shall be liable for the acts of any such authorized person in issuing temporary registrations, whether the particular unlawful acts were authorized or unauthorized.

Amended 1983, c.105, s.5; 2007, c.335, s.19.

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