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39:3-30. Registration Void Upon Transfer Of Ownership, Destruction Of Vehicle

39:3-30. Upon the transfer of ownership or the destruction of any motor vehicle or vehicle its registration shall become void. If the motor vehicle or vehicle is sold the original owner shall remove the license plates therefrom, and surrender them to the division in a manner specified by the director if such plates are not transferred to another vehicle pursuant to this section.

The original owner may, by proper sworn application on a form to be furnished by the division, register another motor vehicle for the unexpired portion of the registration period of the original vehicle. A person applying to use the unexpired portion of a registration under this section shall pay a fee of $4.50 if the vehicle is of a weight or other classification equal with or less than the one originally registered, and shall pay a fee of $4.50 and the difference between the fee originally paid and that due if the new motor vehicle is properly registerable in a higher class. Unless the original license plates have been destroyed, the owner shall be assigned the license number previously issued to him and shall receive a new registration certificate. If the original license plates have been destroyed, replacement of the plates will be made under the provisions of R.S.39:3-32.

The surviving husband, wife, child or children of a deceased registered owner of any motor vehicle in whom title thereto shall vest by virtue of the terms of the will of such deceased owner, or otherwise, shall, upon application to the director, and upon the payment of a fee of $4.50, be entitled to have the registration of such vehicle transferred to his or her name.

The registered owner of any motor vehicle shall, upon application to the director, and payment of a fee of $4.50, be entitled to have the vehicle registered jointly in the name of the registered owner and the spouse of said owner. The registration certificate and certificate of ownership shall be amended accordingly without the payment of any additional fee.

Amended 1955,c.8,s.9; 1963,c.34,s.2; 1976,c.43,s.2; 1978,c.96,s.1; 1995,c.112,s.34.

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Phil Murphy
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