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39:3-3 Motor Vehicle Agents, Appointment, Duties; Background Checks.

39:3-3. A Motor Vehicle Agent (hereinafter "agent") shall administer and ensure the efficient operations of a local commission office. The board shall designate at least one person in each county to be its agent for the registering of motor vehicles, issuing registration certificates and licensing of drivers, subject to the requirements of this subtitle and to any rules and regulations the board imposes. The agent shall so act until the agent's authority is revoked by the board. All moneys received by such agents for registrations and licenses granted under the provisions of this chapter shall forthwith be deposited as received with the State Treasurer. Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, all current agent contracts shall remain in effect until their expiration. Until the agent contract expires, the fee allowed the agent for registration certificates issued by him and for every license granted by him shall be fixed by the board on the basis of the registration or license fees collected by the agent. The board may limit the fee so paid to a maximum. Such fee shall be paid to the agent by the State Treasurer upon the voucher of the commission in the same manner as other State expenses are paid until the agent contract expires. At such time as the agent becomes a State employee, the agent shall receive a salary as fixed by the administrator in accordance with the commission table of organization. Future agent appointments shall be in the State unclassified service and the agents shall serve at the pleasure of the administrator. To determine suitability for appointment, all agents shall undergo a background check prior to appointment based upon an examination of State, federal and financial records. No person shall be appointed as an agent who has contributed $1,000 or more to any gubernatorial or State party committee in any one year during the five years preceding appointment. All agents appointed pursuant to this section shall be qualified by education and experience to administer and ensure the efficient operation of a local commission office. As used in this section, education and experience shall include a background in law enforcement, security services, customer relations or services; business administration, finance or management; or public administration or finance.

Amended 1955, c.8, ss.2,14; 1959, c.145, s.1; 2003, c. 13, s.43; 2007, c.335, s.18.

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