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39:3-27.90 Issuance Of "Conquer Cancer" License Plates; Fees; Distribution.

1. a. The Chief Administrator of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission may issue for a motor vehicle owned or leased and registered in the State special license plates bearing, in addition to the registration number and other markings or identification otherwise prescribed by law, the slogan "Conquer Cancer." These plates may include an emblem, to be designed by the Commissioner of Health and approved by the chief administrator, indicating support for, or an interest in, finding new methods of treating and preventing cancer.

b.Application for issuance of a "Conquer Cancer" license plate shall be made to the chief administrator on forms and in a manner as may be prescribed by the chief administrator. The chief administrator shall collect for each set of plates issued an application fee of $50, and an annual renewal fee of $10, in addition to the fees otherwise prescribed by law for the registration of motor vehicles.

c.Monies collected from all fees for "Conquer Cancer" license plates shall be deposited in the Cancer Research Fund, established in the Department of Health pursuant to section 5 of P.L.1982, c.40 (C.54:40A-37.1). Any monetary donation made available to the State to support the provisions of P.L.1997, c.92 (C.39:3-27.90 et seq.) shall be deposited in the Cancer Research Fund for use as set forth in this section. Interest or other income earned on monies deposited under this act into the Cancer Research Fund shall be credited to the fund for use as set forth in this section.

Funds shall be utilized by the New Jersey State Commission on Cancer Research: (1) first to reimburse the commission for all costs, including those costs associated with computer programming changes, incurred in producing, issuing, renewing, and publicizing the availability of "Conquer Cancer" license plates; (2) to reimburse the Department of Health for the design and printing of notices, posters and signs to be utilized by the commission; and (3) for approved research projects as defined in section 3 of P.L.1983, c.6 (C.52:9U-3).

d. The chief administrator shall annually certify to the Commissioner of Health the average cost per license plate incurred in the immediately preceding year by the commission in producing, issuing, renewing, and publicizing the availability of "Conquer Cancer" license plates. The commissioner shall annually report the Department of Health's costs and the division's costs to the Office of Management and Budget.

e.The chief administrator shall notify eligible motorists of the opportunity to obtain "Conquer Cancer" license plates by including a notice with all motor vehicle registration renewals, and by posting appropriate posters or signs in all commission facilities and offices, as may be provided by the Department of Health. The notices, posters, and signs shall be designed by the Commissioner of Health after consulting with the New Jersey State Commission on Cancer Research. The designs shall be subject to the approval of the chief administrator. The Department of Health shall supply the commission with the notices, posters, and signs to be circulated or posted by the commission.

f.The Commissioner of Health, the New Jersey State Commission on Cancer Research, and the chief administrator shall develop and enter into an interagency memorandum of agreement setting forth the procedures to be followed by the Department of Health, the commission and the Motor Vehicle Commission in carrying out their respective responsibilities under this act.

g.In the event that the average cost per license plate, as certified by the chief administrator and approved by the Joint Budget Oversight Committee, or its successor, is greater than the $50 application fee established in subsection b. of this section in two consecutive fiscal years, the chief administrator may discontinue the issuance of the "Conquer Cancer" license plate.

L.1997, c.92, s.1; amended 2012, c.17, s.407.

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