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39:3-15. Operation Of Motor Vehicle By Nonresident; Touring Privileges; Seasonal Permits; Violations; Fines

A nonresident owner of any motor vehicle or motor-drawn vehicle which has been registered in accordance with the laws respecting the registration of motor vehicles of the jurisdiction in which the nonresident resides, and which has conspicuously displayed thereon the registration number thereof, may, without complying with the provisions of this subtitle with respect to registration and equipment, operate or permit the operation of such vehicle in this State during such portion of the entire year as the free operation of a similar type of vehicle belonging to a resident of this State and registered in compliance with the laws of this State, and whose registration number is conspicuously displayed thereon, is permitted in the jurisdiction of the nonresident; provided that such vehicle is not:

(a) Used for the transportation of persons for hire, compensation or profit, or

(b) Regularly operated in carrying on business within this State,

(c) Designed, used or maintained primarily for the transportation of property.

The foregoing shall not apply to a vehicle leased by an owner engaged in the business of leasing such vehicles.

Any vehicle properly registered in, and having conspicuously displayed on it the registration number issued by, another jurisdiction may be operated on the highways of this State without complying with the provisions of this subtitle with respect to registration during such portion of the entire year as the director shall determine to be the normal period of seasonal employment in agricultural pursuits, provided a special permit is obtained from the director for such operation, which may be issued to any applicant who satisfies the director that he is engaged in such employment, and upon the payment of a fee of $1.00.

Except as otherwise provided by reciprocity agreement or arrangement entered into by the director, or by a declaration issued by him, the privilege of operation in this State of motor vehicles or motor-drawn vehicles belonging to nonresidents extended by this act shall not permit the intrastate operation of any truck, road tractor, truck tractor or trailer and semitrailer of the commercial type, except that a trailer or semitrailer duly registered in another jurisdiction is extended the privilege of intrastate operation when being drawn by a truck, road tractor, or truck tractor registered in accordance with the provisions of Revised Statutes 39:3-20 and provided that the gross weight of the combination of vehicles, including load, does not exceed the maximum weight allowed by the registration certificate of the drawing vehicle registered in this State. The owner or driver of any vehicle used in intrastate operations not permitted by this section shall be subject to fine in accordance with the following schedule:

a. a 2-axle truck, a fine of $288.00;

b. a 3-axle truck, a fine of $381.50;

c. a 3-axle combination of vehicles, a fine of $475.00;

d. a combination of vehicles with more than 3 axles, a fine of $687.50; and

e. a commercial motor vehicle having 3 or more axles and a gross weight over 40,000 pounds but not exceeding 70,000 pounds, the owner or driver of which is actually engaged in construction work or in the business of supplying material, transporting material, or using such vehicle for construction work, a fine of $1,120.00.

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