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39:3-11.1 License To Person 16 Years Of Age To Drive Motor Vehicles In Agricultural Pursuits.

1.Any person, under seventeen years of age and not under sixteen years of age, may be licensed to drive motor vehicles in agricultural pursuits as herein limited; provided such person has, after successfully completing an approved minimum six-hour behind-the-wheel driver training course, passed an examination satisfactory to the chief administrator as to his ability as an operator. The chief administrator, upon payment of the lawful fee and after he or a person authorized by him has examined the applicant and is satisfied of the applicant's ability as an operator, may, in his discretion, license the applicant to drive any motor vehicle which is registered under the provisions of R.S.39:3-24 and R.S.39:3-25. The holder of an agricultural permit or license shall be subject to the applicable requirements, restrictions and penalties for special learner's permit holders, including the display of special learner's permit decals, provided under section 6 of P.L.1977, c.25 (C.39:3-13.2a); provided, however, the holder of an agricultural permit or license shall not be required to be accompanied by, and under the supervision of, a licensed motor vehicle driver of this State over the age of 21 in order to be permitted to operate a motor vehicle registered under the provisions of R.S.39:3-24 or R.S.39:3-25 for farm-related purposes. Such registration shall expire on March thirty-first of each year terminating the period for which such license is issued. The annual license fee for such license shall be one dollar ($1.00), and is for the limited use herein provided, and is not to be used in the operation of any other vehicle and shall have the name of the licensee endorsed thereon in his own handwriting. The holder of an agricultural license shall be entitled to a probationary driver's license upon attaining the age of 17 years and shall be subject to applicable restrictions and penalties in section 4 of P.L.1950, c.127 (C.39:3-13.4) as they pertain to a probationary driver's license holder.

L.1942, c.324, s.1; amended 1983, c.403, s.8; 2001, c.420, s.5; 2009, c.38, s.4; 2015, c.79, s.1.

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