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Rs 47:95 Allocation Of Income And Deductions And Prevention Of Tax Evasion

§95. Allocation of income and deductions and prevention of tax evasion

A. If in any case of two or more organizations, trades, or businesses (whether or not incorporated, whether or not organized in the State of Louisiana, and whether or not affiliated) owned or controlled directly or indirectly by the same interests, the collector is authorized to distribute, apportion or allocate gross income or deductions between or among such organizations, trades, or businesses, if he determines that such distribution, apportionment, or allocation is necessary in order to prevent evasion of taxes or clearly to reflect the income of any such organizations, trades or businesses.

B. When any corporation liable to taxation under this Chapter conducts its business in such a manner as either directly or indirectly to benefit the members or stockholders thereof or any person interested in such business, by selling its products or the goods or commodities in which it deals at less than the fair price which might be obtained therefor, or where a corporation, a substantial portion of whose capital stock is owned either directly or indirectly by another corporation, acquires and disposes of the products of the corporation so owning a substantial portion of its stock in such a manner as to create a loss or improper net income, the collector may determine the amount of taxable income of such corporation for the calendar year or the fiscal year, having due regard to the reasonable profits which, but for such arrangement or understanding, might or could have been obtained from dealing in such products, goods, or commodities.

C. For the purpose of this Section, whenever a corporation, which is required to file an income tax return, is affiliated with or related to any other corporation through stock ownership by the same interests or as parent or subsidiary corporations, or whose income is regulated through contract or other arrangement, the collector may require such consolidated statements as in his opinion are necessary in order to determine the taxable income received by any one of the affiliated or related corporations.

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