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Rs 47:866 Release Of Seized Property In Certain Cases

§866. Release of seized property in certain cases

Any person who claims title to the seized property or any lien existing thereon prior to the date of seizure, and who did not in any respect participate in the violation of this Chapter, may file with the collector, under oath, a detailed statement of his claim, and the further fact that the claimant did not in any way participate in the violation of this Chapter, and thereafter the said property may be released by the collector and delivered to him; provided that the said claimant shall furnish to the collector a good and solvent surety bond, in a penal sum not less than double the appraised value of the goods seized, and in no event less than fifty dollars ($50.00), which said bond shall be conditioned to pay to the collector the appraised value of the goods, and all costs in the event the claimant does not prosecute his claim to successful judgment. If it is not practical to make service upon the claimant to the seized property, or in case the claimant is a non-resident, the proceeding outlined in R.S. 47:865 may be used in order that the issue may be presented in a court of competent jurisdiction, thereby affording the claimant a fair opportunity to be heard. In the event bond has been furnished by the claimant and the property has been released to him, the judgment of the court if the contention of the collector is sustained, shall be directed against both the claimant and the surety on the bond together with all costs from the beginning of the seizure up to the final disposition and settlement of the case.

If the claimant does not furnish bond as above provided, then the collector or his agent may proceed contradictorily against the claimant as set forth in R.S. 47:865. In no event shall the property be seized and sold without first affording the claimant a fair opportunity of being heard in a court of competent jurisdiction.

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