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Rs 47:8013 Tax Increment Development Plan; Preparation; Adoption; Filing; Modification

§8013. Tax increment development plan; preparation; adoption; filing; modification

A. After the governing body has, upon advice thereon by the planning body, by resolution designated an area of the parish or municipality as the site for development under the provisions of this Chapter, a corporation shall prepare or cause to be prepared a tax increment development plan for such area. After preparation of the plan, the corporation shall submit it to the governing body which shall refer it to the planning body, if any, for review and recommendation. However, the corporation shall not submit any such plan to the governing body until it has held at least one public informational meeting, which shall be held after twenty-one days prior notice thereof has appeared in a newspaper of general circulation in the parish or municipality. The planning body, if any, after review of the plan by such agencies as it considers appropriate, shall submit its written recommendations with respect to the proposed plan to the governing body within forty-five days after receipt of the plan for review. Upon receipt of the recommendations of the planning body, if any, or if no planning body exists within said parish or municipality, or if no recommendations are received within the said forty-five days, the governing body shall proceed with a hearing as described in Subsection B hereof. In connection with the preparation of the plan, the corporation is hereby authorized to apply for and receive planning advances from the federal government or other bodies.

B. The governing body shall hold a public hearing on the plan after at least fourteen days prior public notice thereof by publication in a newspaper having a general circulation in the parish or municipality. The notice shall describe the time, date, place and purpose of the hearing, shall generally identify the area covered by the plan, and shall outline the general scope of the proposed project. At the hearing the governing body shall afford an opportunity for all interested persons or agencies to be heard and shall receive, make known and consider recommendations in writing with reference to the plan. The governing body shall, after the hearing and after review of the recommendations of the planning body, approve the plan if it is in conformity with the master plan of the parish or municipality, if any, or the recommendations of the planning body with respect to such plan and is consistent with the purposes of this Chapter. Upon approval of the plan by the governing body, the corporation shall take such action, pursuant to R.S. 47:8014 through 47:8016, as it may deem necessary to implement the plan.

C. Upon the adoption of the plan by the governing body, it shall be filed as a public record in the office of the clerk and the registrar of conveyances of the parish or municipality and any conveyance, encumbrance or contract may incorporate provisions thereof by reference, which shall afford notice thereof to all parties. Any comprehensive guidelines adopted by a corporation pursuant to R.S. 47:8015(C)(1) be filed in the same manner as the plan.

D. The plan may be modified by the corporation at any time, but any modification after sale or lease by the corporation of real property for development in the tax increment area, shall be subject to any rights a lessee or purchaser may have acquired by virtue of such lease or purchase; provided, however, that no public hearing shall be required for any modification which the governing body may deem by resolution not to be substantial. The governing body may, by resolution or the adoption of rules and regulations, delegate to the planning body, if any, the duty of determining whether any proposed modification of the plan is substantial.

Acts 1988, No. 996, §1.

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