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Rs 47:463.74 Special Prestige License Plates; Louisiana Agriculture

§463.74. Special prestige license plates; Louisiana Agriculture

A. The secretary of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections shall establish a special prestige motor vehicle license plate for Louisiana Agriculture when the department has received a minimum of one hundred applications for such plate. The license plate shall be restricted to passenger cars, pickup trucks, and recreational vehicles. The license plate shall be of a color and design selected by the board of The Louisiana Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc., provided it is in compliance with R.S. 47:463(A)(3).

B. The prestige license plate shall be issued, upon application, to any citizen of Louisiana in the same manner as any other motor vehicle license plate.

C. The fee for the plate shall be the standard motor vehicle registration license fee. However, no such plate shall be issued unless the application is accompanied by a donation of nineteen dollars for each plate and each renewal, to be distributed as provided by Subsection D herein and a handling fee of three dollars and fifty cents.

D. The department shall collect the donation for each prestige license plate and forward it to the nonprofit foundation called The Louisiana Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc. The activities of The Louisiana Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc. are hereby deemed a public purpose and shall qualify as a cooperative endeavor under the provisions of Article VII, Section 14(C) of the Constitution of Louisiana. The handling fee of three dollars and fifty cents as provided in Subsection C hereof shall be retained by the department to offset the administrative costs.

E. The monies received from the donations shall be used solely for educational materials, supplies, and training for the agriculture in the classroom program.

F. The secretary shall establish rules and regulations as are necessary to implement the provisions of this Section, including but not limited to rules and regulations governing the collection and disbursement of the donation, the transfer and disposition of such plates, the colors available, and the design criteria.

Acts 1999, No. 951, §1.

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