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Rs 47:463.4.2 Persons With Mobility Impairments; Motor Fuel Service Price

§463.4.2. Persons with mobility impairments; motor fuel service price

A.(1) "Driver with a mobility impairment" shall mean a person with a mobility impairment as defined in R.S. 47:463.4(E) who utilizes a parking card or a vehicle bearing a special plate to obtain accessible parking privileges as defined by R.S. 47:463.4 or 463.4.1.

(2) "Pump" means a device used to dispense motor fuel for sale at retail.

(3) "Refueling service" means the service of pumping motor vehicle fuel into the fuel tank of a motor vehicle.

B. A motor fuel dealer shall have an employee dispense motor fuel into a motor vehicle from a full-service pump at the same price as the motor fuel dealer charges the general public for the same grade of motor fuel dispensed from a self-service pump, if all of the following apply:

(1) The motor vehicle displays special registration plates or parking cards which identify the vehicle as one used by a driver with a mobility impairment.

(2) The driver of the motor vehicle asks the dealer or his employees for the same price as charged for motor fuel dispensed from a self-service pump.

(3) The motor fuel dealer sells motor fuel at retail from both full-service and self-service pumps.

(4) After January 1, 1995, the person with a mobility impairment produces either a pictured identification card as determined by R.S. 47:463.4(J) or a temporary parking card as determined by R.S. 47:463.4.1.

C.(1) A person who is a dealer or responsible managing individual who sets or implements service policy of a station or facility that dispenses motor fuel to the general public, or is an employee acting independently against established service policy and who violates Subsection B of this Section, commits an offense which will result in a civil fine of not more than one hundred dollars, and will be collected by the appropriate attorney of any political subdivision as shall be designated by the governing body of such subdivision.

(2) Penalties for misuse and allowing for misuse of parking cards and specially licensed vehicles for parking privileges shall apply to misuse and allowing for misuse of the privileges granted by this Section.

Acts 1991, No. 884, §1; Acts 2014, No. 811, §25, eff. June 23, 2014.

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