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Rs 47:318 Disposition Of Collections

§318. Disposition of collections

A. All monies collected under this Chapter shall be immediately paid into the state

treasury, upon receipt, and first credited to the Bond Security and Redemption Fund as

provided in Article VII, Section 9(B) of the Constitution of Louisiana; then an amount equal

to four-tenths of one percent of all monies collected under this Chapter, and Chapters 2-A

and 2-B of this Subtitle, and R.S. 51:1286 shall be used as provided in this Section. The

dedication of revenues provided for in this Subsection shall in no way be interpreted to

include any monies collected pursuant to the taxes imposed under R.S. 47:321.1.

B.(1) There is hereby established in the state treasury a special fund which shall be

designated the "Marketing Fund". Of the amount determined pursuant to Subsection A of

this Section, two million dollars annually shall be deposited in and credited to the Marketing

Fund. Monies in the fund shall be invested by the treasurer in the same manner as the

monies in the state general fund, and all interest earned on the investment of such monies

shall be deposited in the state general fund. All unencumbered and unexpended monies in

the fund at the end of each fiscal year shall remain in the fund.

(2) Monies in the fund shall be subject to annual appropriation to the Department of

Economic Development for the following purposes:

(a) A minimum of one million dollars annually to be used for marketing education,

of which one million dollars shall be used as follows:

(i) Six hundred seventy-five thousand five hundred sixty-three dollars to Marketing

Education Retail Alliance, Inc.

(ii) Two hundred fifty thousand dollars to the District 2 Enhancement Corporation.

(iii) Seventy-four thousand four hundred thirty-seven dollars to the Louisiana

Council for Economic Education.

(b) A minimum of one million dollars annually for advertising, marketing, and

promotional activities.

C. Repealed by Acts 2001, No. 7, §2, eff. July 1, 2001.

D. After satisfying the requirements of Subsection B of this Section, the remaining

portion of the amount determined pursuant to Subsection A of this Section shall be deposited

in the Louisiana Economic Development Fund created by R.S. 51:2315.

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NOTE: See Acts 2016, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 26, §2, regarding applicability.

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