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Rs 47:305.18 Exclusions And Exemptions; Fairs, Festivals, And Expositions Sponsored By Nonprofit Organizations; Nature Of Exemption; Limitations; Qualifications

§305.18. Exclusions and exemptions; fairs, festivals, and expositions sponsored by nonprofit organizations; nature of exemption; limitations; qualifications

A. The sales and use tax imposed by the state of Louisiana under R.S. 47:302(C) and R.S. 47:321 shall not apply to all outside gate admissions to grounds and parking fees at fairs and festivals sponsored by recognized nonprofit organizations chartered under the state of Louisiana.

The exemption provided herein shall not apply to any event intended to yield a profit to the promoter or to any individual contracted to provide services or equipment, or both, for the event.

This Section shall not be construed to exempt any organization or activity from the payment of sales or use taxes otherwise required by law to be made on purchases made by these organizations.

This Section shall not be construed to exempt regular commercial ventures of any type such as bookstores, restaurants, gift shops, commercial flea markets and similar activities that are sponsored by organizations qualifying hereunder which are in competition with retail merchants.

B. This sponsorship of any event by any organization applying for an exemption hereunder must be genuine. Sponsorship will not be genuine in any case in which exemption from taxation is a major consideration leading to such sponsorship.

C. An exemption certificate must be obtained from the collector of revenue, under such regulations as he shall prescribe, in order for nonprofit organizations to qualify for the exemption provided in this section.

In the event the collector of revenue denies tax exempt status under this Section, the organization may appeal such ruling to the Board of Tax Appeals, which may overrule the collector of revenue and grant tax exempt status if the Board of Tax Appeals determines that the denial of tax exempt status by the collector of revenue was arbitrary, capricious or unreasonable. Provided however, that any organization which endorses any candidate for political office or otherwise is involved in political activities shall not be eligible for the exemption herein provided.

D. This exemption applies only to sales and use tax imposed by the state of Louisiana and does not apply to such taxes authorized and levied by any school board, municipality, or other local taxing authority notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, specifically but not exclusively R.S. 27:2716.1.

Added by Acts 1975, No. 824, §1. H.C.R. No. 55, 1986 R.S.

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