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Rs 47:295 Tax Imposed On Individuals; Administration

§295. Tax imposed on individuals; administration

A. There is imposed an income tax for each taxable year upon the Louisiana income

of every individual, whether resident or nonresident. The amount of the tax shall be

determined from tax tables imposing the maximum tax allowed under the rates of tax and

brackets set forth in R.S. 47:32 promulgated by the secretary under authority of this Section

in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act. However, the tax imposed by this Part

shall never exceed the rates of tax and brackets set forth in R.S. 47:32.

B. The secretary shall establish tax tables that calculate the tax owed by taxpayers

based upon where their taxable income falls within a range that shall not exceed two hundred

fifty dollars. The secretary shall provide in the tax tables that the combined personal

exemption, standard deduction, and other exemption deductions in R.S. 47:294 shall be

deducted from the two percent bracket. If such combined exemptions and deductions exceed

the two percent bracket, the excess shall be deducted from the four percent bracket. If such

combined exemptions and deductions exceed the two and four percent brackets, the excess

shall be deducted from the six percent bracket.

C. The secretary of the Department of Revenue shall administer and enforce this

Part. He may adopt, prescribe, and from time to time alter and enforce reasonable rules,

orders, and regulations for the purpose of implementing this Part. He may, upon making a

record of his reasons therefor, waive, reduce, or compromise any of the taxes, penalties, or

interest or other amounts provided by this Part. Until December 31, 2015, in any case when

the penalty exceeds twenty-five thousand dollars, it can be waived by the secretary only after

approval by the Board of Tax Appeals. Notwithstanding the provisions of R.S. 47:1508,

beginning January 1, 2016, waivers of all penalties exceeding twenty-five thousand dollars

shall be subject to oversight by the House Committee on Ways and Means and the Senate

Committee on Revenue and Fiscal Affairs. This provision shall not apply to any penalty the

secretary remits or waives in accordance with rules and regulations promulgated pursuant to

the Administrative Procedure Act regarding the remittance or waiver of penalties under the

department's voluntary disclosure program.

D. The secretary may require that a complete copy of the taxpayer's federal income

tax return, or any part thereof, be filed. When so filed, the federal income tax return, or part

thereof, shall constitute and become part of the return required to be filed under this Part.

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2003; Acts 2014, No. 198, §1, eff. July 1, 2014; Acts 2015, No. 128, §1, eff. July 1, 2015.

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