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Rs 47:163 Closing By Collector Of Taxable Year

§163. Closing by collector of taxable year

A. Tax in jeopardy. If the collector finds that a taxpayer designs quickly to depart from the State of Louisiana, or to remove his property therefrom, or to conceal himself or his property therein, or to do any other act tending to prejudice or to render wholly or partly ineffectual proceedings to collect the tax for the taxable year then last past or the taxable year then current unless such proceedings be brought without delay, the collector shall declare the taxable period for such taxpayer immediately terminated and shall proceed to assess and collect any tax due in accordance with the provisions of R.S. 47:1566.

B. Security for payment. A taxpayer who is not in default in making a return or paying any tax under this Chapter, may furnish to the State of Louisiana, under regulations to be prescribed by the collector, security approved by the collector that he will duly make the return next thereafter required to be filed and pay the tax next thereafter required to be paid. The collector may approve and accept in like manner security for return and payment of taxes made due and payable by virtue of the provisions of this Section, provided the taxpayer has paid in full all other income taxes.

C. Exemption from section. If security is approved and accepted pursuant to the provisions of this Section and such further or other security with respect to the tax or taxes covered thereby is given as the Collector shall from time to time find necessary and require, payment of such taxes shall not be enforced by any proceedings under the provisions of this Section or R.S. 47:1566 prior to the expiration of the time otherwise allowed for paying such respective taxes.

D. Citizens. In the case of a citizen of the State of Louisiana about to depart from the State of Louisiana, the collector may at his discretion, waive any or all of the requirements placed on the taxpayer by this Section.

E. Departure of nonresident. No nonresident who is liable for any tax under this Chapter shall leave the state for a period of more than ninety days unless he first procures from the collector a certificate that he has complied with all the obligations imposed upon him by this Chapter.

F. Addition to tax. If a taxpayer violates or attempts to violate this Section, there shall, in addition to all other penalties, be added as a part of the tax, twenty-five per centum (25%) of the total amount of the tax or deficiency in the tax, together with interest at the rate of one per centum (1%) per month from the time the tax became due.

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