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Rs 47:114 Returns And Payment Of Tax

§114. Returns and payment of tax

A. Quarterly returns. Every employer required to deduct and withhold any tax under

this Subpart and every person who deducts and withholds any amount from any wage

payments under the authority of this Subpart shall make a calendar quarterly return to the

secretary on a form prescribed by him.

B. Date for filing quarterly returns. The due date for filing the quarterly returns

required under this Subpart shall be the last day of the month following the close of the

calendar quarterly reporting period.

C. Payment. Every employer required to deduct and withhold any tax under this

Subpart and every person who deducts and withholds any amount from any wage under the

authority of this Subpart shall pay the tax shown due on the return as prescribed by the

secretary. The tax paid shall in no event be less than the amount actually withheld.

D. Annual returns. (1) Every employer shall also be required to file an annual return

on a form prescribed by the secretary. The annual return shall consist of a reconciliation of

all previously filed quarterly returns for the calendar year and copies of the receipts required

to be furnished under R.S. 47:112(L) for that reporting period.

(2) The secretary may grant a reasonable extension of time, not exceeding thirty

days, for filing the annual return.

(3) The reporting requirements may be waived by the secretary for an employer if

hardship is shown by the employer in a request for waiver.

E. Date for filing annual returns. An employer shall file an annual return with the

secretary on or before January thirty-first of each year for the preceding calendar year.

F. Penalty provision. (1) A late penalty shall be imposed for delinquent submission

of, or failure to submit quarterly returns, annual returns, and receipts required to be furnished

by R.S. 47:112(L) in a form prescribed by the secretary.

(2) The penalty described in this Subsection shall be five dollars for each quarterly

return, annual return, or receipt required to be furnished under R.S. 47:112(L). The total

penalty imposed pursuant to this Subsection shall not exceed seven thousand five hundred

dollars for each annual period. This penalty shall be an obligation to be collected and

accounted for in the same manner as if it were part of the tax due and can be enforced either

in a separate action or in the same action for the collection of the tax.

(3) If the failure to timely submit the annual return is attributable, not to the

negligence of the taxpayer, but to other causes set forth in written form and considered

reasonable by the secretary, the secretary may remit or waive payments of the whole or any

part of the specific penalty provided for such failure. Until December 31, 2015, in any case

where the penalty exceeds twenty-five thousand dollars, it can be waived by the secretary

only after approval by the Board of Tax Appeals. Notwithstanding the provisions of R.S.

47:1508, beginning January 1, 2016, waivers of all penalties exceeding twenty-five thousand

dollars shall be subject to oversight by the House Committee on Ways and Means and the

Senate Committee on Revenue and Fiscal Affairs. This provision shall not apply to any

penalty the secretary remits or waives in accordance with rules and regulations promulgated

pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act regarding the remittance or waiver of penalties

under the department's voluntary disclosure program.

G. Jeopardy returns. If the collector in any case believes that the collection of the

tax required to be withheld under this Subpart is in jeopardy for any reason, he may require

the employer to make a return and pay the required tax at any time.

H. Use of prescribed forms. The secretary shall prescribe the forms to be used in

compliance with the provisions of this Subpart. The secretary shall also promulgate rules

and regulations to prescribe the forms and any alternative technological, mathematical, or

date-driven methods for filing, signing, and submitting any return, report, statement, or other

document required under this Section. The secretary may also prescribe the types of media

and record layout to be used in the submission of the returns and receipts consistent with the

Internal Revenue Code requirements.

I. Governmental employers. If the employer is the United States, a state, territory,

or political subdivision thereof, or any agency or instrumentality of any one or more of the

foregoing, the return of the amount deducted and withheld upon any wages may be made by

any officer or employee of the United States, or of such state, territory, or political

subdivision, or of such agency or instrumentality, as the case may be, having control of the

payment of such wages or appropriately designated for that purpose.

J. Withholding from federal employees. The collector is hereby designated as the

proper official to make requests for and enter into agreements with the Secretary of the

Treasury of the United States to provide for the compliance with this Sub-part by the head

of the department or agency of the United States in withholding of state income taxes from

wages of federal employees and paying the same to this State. The collector is hereby

authorized, empowered and directed to make requests for and to enter into such agreements.

K. Certain information returns not required. On and after January 1, 1962, the

annual returns or reports required by the collector under the provisions of this Sub-part shall

be in lieu of such returns required under R.S. 47:164(A) as would furnish identical


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NOTE: See Acts 2016, No. 662, §3, regarding applicability.

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