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Rs 32:1253 Motor Vehicle Commission; Appointment And Qualifications Of Members; Terms Of Office; Organization; Oath; Official Bond; Compensation; Powers And Duties

§1253. Motor Vehicle Commission; appointment and qualifications of members; terms of

office; organization; oath; official bond; compensation; powers and duties

A. The Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission is hereby created within the office of

the governor and shall be composed of eighteen members appointed by the governor, as


(1) A chairman of the commission shall be appointed from the state at large.

Fourteen members shall be appointed in such manner that at least one shall be from each of

the commission districts as listed below:

(a) Commission District 1 shall consist of the following parishes: Orleans,

Plaquemines, St. Bernard, St. Tammany, and Washington.

(b) Commission District 2 shall consist of the following parishes: Jefferson, St.

Charles, St. John, St. James, and Tangipahoa.

(c) Commission District 3 shall consist of the following parishes: East Baton Rouge,

West Baton Rouge, Iberville, Ascension, East Feliciana, West Feliciana, St. Helena,

Livingston, Assumption, and Pointe Coupee.

(d) Commission District 4 shall consist of the following parishes: Richland, Franklin,

Union, Lincoln, Jackson, Winn, Caldwell, Ouachita, Morehouse, West Carroll, East Carroll,

and Madison.

(e) Commission District 5 shall consist of the following parishes: Caddo, Bossier,

Webster, DeSoto, Red River, Bienville, Claiborne, and Sabine.

(f) Commission District 6 shall consist of the following parishes: Rapides, Grant,

LaSalle, Catahoula, Concordia, Avoyelles, Vernon, Tensas, and Natchitoches.

(g) Commission District 7 shall consist of the following parishes: Beauregard, Allen,

Calcasieu, Cameron, Jefferson Davis, Acadia, and Evangeline.

(h) Commission District 8 shall consist of the following parishes: Lafayette, St.

Landry, St. Martin, St. Mary, Iberia, Terrebonne, Lafourche, and Vermilion.

(2) Each of the commissioners appointed under the provisions of Paragraph (1) of

this Subsection shall have been an actively engaged licensee of the commission or its

previous Louisiana licensing commission for not less than five consecutive years prior to

such appointment, and be a holder of such a license at all times while a member of the

commission. Being engaged in more than one such pursuit shall not disqualify a person

otherwise qualified from serving on the commission. Of these members, one member shall

be primarily engaged in the business of lease or rental, one member shall be primarily

engaged in the business of heavy truck sales, one member shall be primarily engaged in the

business of marine product sales, one member shall be primarily engaged in the business of

motorcycle sales, one member shall be primarily engaged in the business of recreational

vehicle sales, and one member shall be primarily engaged in the business of sales finance.

(3)(a) Each of the three remaining appointive members shall be a public member

who is not a licensee under this Chapter and shall be appointed from the state at large. These

three commissioners shall have the sole function of hearing and deciding matters concerning

brokers and disputes between manufacturers, distributors, converters, motor vehicle lessor

franchisors, or representatives and motor vehicle dealers, recreational products dealers,

specialty vehicle dealers, and motor vehicle lessors.

(b) This function shall be performed only when so requested in writing at the time

of the filing of the initial protest or initial answer to the protest. If no party requests a hearing

before these commissioners, the commissioners appointed pursuant to Paragraph (1) of this

Subsection shall retain jurisdiction over the dispute. Should a consumer, broker,

manufacturer, distributor, converter, motor vehicle lessor franchisor, representative, motor

vehicle lessor, specialty vehicle dealer, recreational product dealer, or motor vehicle dealer

make the request as set forth above, the commissioners appointed pursuant to Paragraph (1)

of this Subsection shall not participate, deliberate, or in any way take part in the hearing.

(c) The three commissioners shall elect among themselves a chairman to serve as

presiding officer of the hearing.

(4) Each appointment to the commission by the governor shall be submitted to the

Senate for confirmation. Each commissioner shall at the time of appointment be a resident

of this state and shall be of good moral character.

B.(1) The members shall serve at the pleasure of the governor. In the event of the

death, resignation, or removal of any person serving on the commission, the vacancy shall

be filled in the manner of the original appointment.

(2) The commission shall meet in Jefferson Parish and complete its organization

immediately after the entire membership thereof has been appointed and has qualified.

(3) The chairman and each member of the commission shall take and subscribe to

the oath of office required of public officers.

C. The chairman and members of said commission shall receive fifty dollars per

diem for each and every day necessarily spent in conducting the business of the commission,

and shall be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred in the performance of their duties under

this Chapter.

D. The commission shall appoint a qualified person to serve as executive director

thereof, to serve at the pleasure of the commission and shall fix his salary and shall define

and prescribe his duties. The executive director shall be in charge of the commission's office

and shall devote such time to the duties thereof, as may be necessary. Said commission may

employ such clerical and professional help and incur such expenses as may be necessary for

the proper discharge of its duties under this Chapter. The commission shall maintain its

office and transact its business in Jefferson Parish, and it is authorized to adopt and use a


E. The commission is hereby vested with the powers and duties necessary and proper

to enable it to fully and effectively carry out the provisions and objects of this Chapter, and

is hereby authorized and empowered to make and enforce all reasonable rules and regulations

and to adopt and prescribe all forms necessary to accomplish said purpose, and the

enumeration of any power or authority herein shall not be construed to deny, impair,

disparage, or limit any others necessary to the attainment thereof, provided no rule or

regulation of the commission, including but not limited to Chapter 7 (Advertising) of Subpart

1 of Part V of Title 46, comprised of LAC 46:V:701 through 741, of the Louisiana

Administrative Code, shall prohibit a dealer from making a monetary donation or

contribution that does not directly involve the sale or lease of a motor vehicle in connection

with an advertising campaign. A copy of all rules and regulations adopted by the

commission shall be published in the Louisiana Administrative Code, as they may be

amended, modified, or repealed from time to time.

F. All fees and charges under the provisions of this Chapter shall be collected and

received by the executive director of the commission and shall be disbursed by him at the

direction of the commission in administering and enforcing the provisions of this Chapter.

G. All expenses incurred by the commission in carrying out the provisions of this

Chapter, including but not limited to per diem, wages, salaries, rent, postage, supplies, bond

premiums, travel and subsistence, and printing and utilities, shall be a proper charge against

said fund.

H. The commission shall, in addition to the powers herein conferred, be constituted

a body politic or political corporation, invested with the powers inherent in corporations,

including but not limited to the power and authority to own immovable property. It may sue

and be sued under the style of the commission, and all process against the commission shall

be served on the chairman or executive director in person, and all suits on behalf of the

commission shall be brought by the chairman. The domicile for the purpose of being sued

shall be Jefferson Parish. No member of the commission, or the executive director, shall be

subject to suit or be held liable as an individual in any suit against the commission.

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