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Rs 14:390.1 Definition Of Communist Propaganda

§390.1. Definition of communist propaganda

(1) "Communist propaganda" means any oral, visual, graphic, written, pictorial or other communication which is issued, prepared, printed, procured, distributed or disseminated by the Soviet Union, any of its satellite countries, or by the government of any other communist country or any agent of the Soviet Union, its satellite countries or any other communist country, wherever located, or by any communist organization, communist action organization, communist front organization, communist infiltrated organization or communist controlled organization or by any agent of any such organization, which communication or material from any of the above listed sources is

(a) reasonably adopted to, or which the person disseminating the same believes will, or which he intends to, prevail upon, indoctrinate, convert, induce, or in any way influence a recipient or any section of the public with reference to the political or public interests, policies or relations of a government of a foreign country or a foreign political party, or promote in the United States or the state of Louisiana, any attitude or state of mind that tends to undermine the determination of any citizen of the United States or of any of the various states to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States or the constitutions of the respective states, or tends to create or encourage disrespect for duly constituted legal authority, either federal or state, or

(b) which advocates, advises, instigates or promotes any racial, social, political or religious disorder, civil riot, or other conflict involving the use of force or violence in the United States, the state of Louisiana or any other American republic, or the overthrow of any government or political subdivision of the United States, the state of Louisiana or any other American republic by any means involving the use of force or violence.

(2) For the purposes of R.S. 14:390-14:390.8, the fact that an organization has been officially cited or identified by the attorney general of the United States, the subversive activities control board of the United States or any committee of the United States Congress as a communist organization, a communist action organization, a communist front organization or a communist infiltrated organization or has been in any other way officially cited or identified by any of these aforementioned authorities as a communist controlled organization, shall be considered presumptive evidence of the factual status of any such organization.

Added by Acts 1962, No. 245, §1.

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