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Rs 14:362 Registration Of Organizations

§362. Registration of organizations

Upon final definitive judgment under the provisions of R.S. 14:358-14:373 that an organization is a communist action organization, a communist front organization, a communist infiltrated organization or a subversive organization, the president, vice president, secretary or treasurer, or in their absence any director or other officer of the organization, shall file or cause to be filed, within five days thereafter and annually thereafter between the 1st and 15th of January, with the commissioner of public safety, or his designated representative, a registration statement, and for the purposes of filing this registration statement only, any member of the bar of this state may be employed. Except with respect to the disclosures required to be made in this registration statement, the legal privileges of the attorney-client relationship shall be observed. The said registration statement shall contain the following information:

The names and current home and office addresses of all current officers, plus all officers during the year preceding the date of the statement, with a designation of the title of the officer and a brief description of the duties of said officers.

The names and current home and office addresses of all persons or organizations which have contributed funds to said organization in the year preceding the date of the statement plus a statement of the amount and date of each contribution received from each contributor during the year preceding the date of the statement, the qualifications for membership in the organization, a detailed statement of the aims, purposes and activities of the organization and all the means by which they are carried out.

In the case of a communist action organization or a subversive organization, the name and last known address of each person who was a member of the organization at any time during the year preceding the date of the statement.

(In the case of any officer or member listed above who is or has been known by more than one name, each name which such officer or member uses or by which he has been known must be listed to comply with R.S. 14:358-14:373).

An inventory of all property and assets owned by the said organization listing brief description, location and approximate values.

Registrants under this Section shall attach to their registration statements copies of all publications of any kind, including written transcripts of any radio or television broadcasts, published or disseminated by the registering organization during the year preceding the date of the statement, plus, a copy of the Charter, articles of incorporation, bylaws and rules of the organization.

The registration statement of any organization under this Section shall be submitted under oath or by affirmation.

Amended by Acts 1965, No. 45, §1.

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