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Rs 13:996.51 Judicial Expense Fund For Seventh Judicial District

§996.51. Judicial Expense Fund for Seventh Judicial District

A. In addition to all other fees or costs now or hereafter provided by law, the clerk of court of the Seventh Judicial District shall collect from every person filing any type of civil suit or proceeding, and who is not otherwise exempted by law from the payment of court costs, a sum to be determined by the judges of the district, sitting en banc, which sum shall not exceed ten dollars, subject, however, to the provisions of Code of Civil Procedure Article 5181, et seq.; and, in all criminal cases over which the Seventh Judicial District Court has jurisdiction, there shall be taxed as costs against every defendant, who is convicted after trial or after plea of guilty or nolo contendere or who forfeits his bond, a sum likewise determined, but which shall not exceed ten dollars, which shall be in addition to all other fines, costs or forfeitures lawfully imposed and which shall be transmitted each month to the court by the sheriff for further disposition in accordance herewith.

B. The clerk of court and the sheriff shall place all sums collected or received under the provisions of this Section in a separate account to be designated as the Judicial Expense Fund for the Seventh Judicial District Court. The judges, sitting en banc, of the Seventh Judicial District shall have control over and administer the funds and all disbursements made from the fund. They shall cause to be conducted annually an audit of the funds so collected and disbursed and the books and accounts relating thereto and shall file the same with the office of the legislative auditor, where it shall be available for public inspection.

C. The judges, en banc, may appoint such law clerks, court reporters, secretarial, clerical, research, administrative, or other personnel as they deem necessary to expedite the business and function of the court and fix and pay all or any part of the salaries or reasonable expenses of such personnel out of the monies in the judicial expense fund. In like manner, the judges, en banc, may utilize the monies in the Judicial Expense Fund to pay all or any part of the cost of establishing and maintaining a law library for the court, or for buying or maintaining, or both, any type of equipment, supplies, or other items consistent with or germane to the efficient operation of the court, or to pay for actual expenses incurred, including travel, hotel, tuition, and fees, by any judge or clerk in attending any seminar or conference germane to the proper operation of the court.

D. In general, the Judicial Expense Fund is established and may be used for any purpose or purposes connected with, incidental to, or related to the proper administration or function of the court or the offices of the individual judges and is supplemental and in addition to any and all other funds, salaries, expenses, or other monies that are now or hereafter provided, authorized, or established by law for any of the aforesaid purposes.

E. No salary shall be paid from the Judicial Expense Fund for the Seventh Judicial District Court to any of the judges of the district except as may be paid for administering the fund and then only after prior legislative approval.

Acts 1987, No. 561, §1; Acts 1987, No. 681, §1.

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