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Rs 13:850 Facsimile Transmission; Filings In Civil Actions; Fees; Equipment And Supplies

§850. Facsimile transmission; filings in civil actions; fees; equipment and supplies

A. Any document in a civil action may be filed with the clerk of court by facsimile

transmission. All clerks of court shall make available for their use equipment to

accommodate facsimile filing in civil actions. Filing shall be deemed complete at the time

the facsimile transmission is received by the clerk of court. No later than on the first

business day after receiving a facsimile filing, the clerk of court shall transmit to the filing

party via facsimile a confirmation of receipt and include a statement of the fees for the

facsimile filing and filing of the original document. The facsimile filing fee and transmission

fee are incurred upon receipt of the facsimile filing by the clerk of court and payable as

provided in Subsection B of this Section. The facsimile filing shall have the same force and

effect as filing the original document, if the filing party complies with Subsection B of this


B. Within seven days, exclusive of legal holidays, after the clerk of court receives

the facsimile filing, all of the following shall be delivered to the clerk of court:

(1) The original document identical to the facsimile filing in number of pages and

in content of each page including any attachments, exhibits, and orders. A document not

identical to the facsimile filing or which includes pages not included in the facsimile filing

shall not be considered the original document.

(2) The fees for the facsimile filing and filing of the original document stated on the

confirmation of receipt, if any.

(3) A transmission fee of five dollars.

C. If the filing party fails to comply with any of the requirements of Subsection B

of this Section, the facsimile filing shall have no force or effect. The various district courts

may provide by court rule for other matters related to filings by facsimile transmission.

D. The clerk may purchase equipment and supplies necessary to accommodate

facsimile filings out of the clerk's salary fund.

Acts 1991, No. 463, §1; Acts 1995, No. 1119, §1; Acts 2012, No. 826, §1; Acts 2016,

No. 109, §1.

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