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Rs 13:842.1 Pilot Program; Flat Filing Fees; Ninth Judicial District

§842.1. Pilot program; flat filing fees; Ninth Judicial District

A. The clerk of court of Rapides Parish may establish a pilot program to provide for a schedule of flat filing fees in the Ninth Judicial District Court. Pursuant to this program the clerk of court may demand and receive filing fees for the following actions:

(1) Administration, one hundred dollars.

(2) Adoption, eighty-five dollars.

(3) Annulment, eighty-five dollars.

(4) Change of name, eighty-five dollars.

(5) Clerk's docket, eighty-five dollars.

(6) Commitment, eighty-five dollars.

(7) Concursus, two hundred dollars.

(8) Contract, one hundred fifty dollars.

(9) Curatorship, eighty-five dollars.

(10) Damages, two hundred twenty-five dollars.

(11) Divorce, one hundred fifty dollars.

(12) Domestic, one hundred fifty dollars.

(13) Emancipation, eighty-five dollars.

(14) Eviction, one hundred twenty-five dollars.

(15) Executory process, two hundred dollars.

(16) Expropriation, three hundred dollars.

(17) Forfeiture, one hundred dollars.

(18) Injunction, two hundred fifty dollars.

(19) Interdiction, one hundred fifty dollars.

(20) Judgment executory, one hundred dollars.

(21) Judicial review, one hundred seventy-five dollars.

(22) Mandamus, one hundred fifty dollars.

(23) Minor's settlement, eighty-five dollars.

(24) Miscellaneous, one hundred fifty dollars.

(25) Monition, eighty-five dollars.

(26) Notice of application of administration, two hundred twenty-five dollars.

(27) Open account, one hundred twenty-five dollars.

(28) Partition by licitation, one hundred twenty-five dollars.

(29) Paternity, one hundred twenty-five dollars.

(30) Personal injury, two hundred fifty dollars.

(31) Petition for appeal-judicial review, eighty-five dollars.

(32) Probate, one hundred fifty dollars.

(33) Recognition and possession, seventy-five dollars.

(34) Reinstatement-driver's license, one hundred twenty-five dollars.

(35) Rule to show cause, one hundred twenty-five dollars.

(36) Search for will, one hundred twenty-five dollars.

(37) Sequestration, two hundred fifty dollars.

(38) Suit on note, one hundred twenty-five dollars.

(39) Tutorship, one hundred dollars.

(40) Writ of habeas corpus, eighty-five dollars.

B.(1) The filing fees provided for in Subsection A shall be only those fees that are due to the clerk's office and no others. The clerk shall not be responsible for the collection of costs due to any entity or person other than his office, sheriff's fees, and fees assessed for the Judges' Supplemental Compensation Fund and for the judicial expense fund. All other costs associated with the action shall be paid by the attorney or proper person to the entity or person who is entitled to such costs. When the judgment is prepared the court shall approve an affidavit of expenses and shall tax these expenses as costs, which shall be collected from the party cast.

(2) The fees shall be nonrefundable and there shall be no additional fees. However, if a new suit folder must be opened on the same suit by the clerk of court, the clerk may petition the court to impose another filing fee in the same amount as the original filing fee.

C. The monies collected pursuant to this Section shall be deposited in a special fund separate from all other clerk of court funds. The clerk shall keep accurate records and the clerk shall cause to be conducted an audit of the fund and the books and accounts relating thereto and shall file the same with the office of the legislative auditor where it shall be available for public inspection.

D. The pilot program authorized by this Section shall be effective for a period of two years, unless extended by the legislature.

Acts 1991, No. 211, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 1992.

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