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Rs 13:587.4 District Courts; Specialized Divisions Or Sections; Subject Matter

§587.4. District courts; specialized divisions or sections; subject matter

A. Respecting seniority and the requirement that all cases be assigned randomly

within multi-judge divisions or sections, the judges of any judicial district court, by rule

adopted by a majority vote of the judges sitting en banc, may designate a certain division or

section of the court as a specialized division or section having criminal, civil, drug court,

driving while intoxicated court, human trafficking court, mental health court, misdemeanor,

traffic, juvenile, violent crimes or homicides, reentry court, or other specialized subject

matter jurisdiction.

B.(1) If a special division or section of court is designated as a violent crimes or

homicide section, the court may provide the district attorney's office the opportunity to

request an expedited docket to facilitate the hearing of cases involving homicides and crimes

of violence that are committed with a dangerous weapon to ensure and secure the accuracy

of testimony of witnesses and as a deterrence and prevention for crimes of violence and


(2) Notwithstanding any other provision of law or court rule to the contrary, the

following components shall be complied with if a court designates a division or section of

court as a violent crimes or homicide division or section and grants the district attorney's

request for expedited status:

(a) If the district attorney requests an expedited docket, the trial court shall schedule

the case for trial no later than ninety days after time has elapsed for discovery.

(b) Continuances should be granted only for good cause and shall be for the shortest

time practicable.

C.(1) If a special division or section of court is designated as a human trafficking

section, the presiding judge may be trained in issues of human trafficking and the support

services available to victims.

(2) All cases where a person is charged or indicted pursuant to R.S. 14:46.2, 46.3,

81.1, 81.2, 81.3, 82, 82.1, 83, 83.1, 83.2, 83.3, 83.4, 84, 85, 86, 89, 89.1, 89.2, 104, 105, 281,

or 282 shall be transferred to the human trafficking section of the court.

(3) If it is determined that a case involves a victim in need of services upon

evaluation by the judge, and after a contradictory hearing, the following may apply:

(a) The victim may be mandated to attend the appropriate support services for

victims of human trafficking if available.

(b) The victim shall, with consent of the district attorney, have the opportunity to be

considered for a non-criminal disposition or dismissal of the case upon satisfactory

compliance with mandated support services.

D. No rule adopted by the court may designate any division or section, without its

consent, as a specialized division or section for a longer period than three years.

Acts 2009, No. 215, §1, eff. June 30, 2009; Acts 2012, No. 270, §1, eff. May 25,

2012; Acts 2014, No. 554, §1; Acts 2017, No. 131, §1.

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