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Rs 13:3044 Selection Of Names For General Venire Box; Drawing Of Jurors In Civil Cases; Disposition Of Slips Drawn; Record; Summoning; Excusing

§3044. Selection of names for general venire box; drawing of jurors in civil cases; disposition of slips drawn; record; summoning; excusing

A. The general venire, and the functions of the jury commission and of the clerk of court in connection therewith are governed by the Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure.

B.(1) The district judge may order the jury commission to draw the names of thirty persons for a petit jury venire, unless the court directs the commission to draw a larger number, to serve as jurors on civil cases for the first or second and additional weeks as may be necessary.

(2) Until the persons so drawn have actually served as jurors, they may be required by the district judge to perform jury duty during any week of the session thereafter ensuing.

(3) The clerk and the commission shall place the number of slips first ordered to be drawn in an envelope and seal and endorse on the same the words, "List of Jurors, No. 1", and the additional names ordered to be drawn, when drawn, shall be likewise enclosed and sealed, and the words, "List of Jurors, No. 2", endorsed thereon.

(4) The sealed envelopes shall be placed in a box, to be provided for the purpose, labeled "Jury Box", which shall be locked and sealed and placed in the custody of the clerk for use at the next session of the court, subject to the orders of the district judge as hereinafter provided.

(5)(a) The clerk shall keep a record of the drawings with a list of all the names in the order they are drawn and showing the week for which they are to serve. When the drawing and the proces verbal is complete, the clerk shall prepare summons directed to the persons on the list and deliver them to the sheriff for service. The sheriff, at the election of the court, may serve such summons by

(b)(i) personal or domiciliary service, or by registered, certified, or regular mail addressed to the juror at his usual residence or business address.

(ii) When the service is by mail, the date of mailing shall be not less than thirty days prior to the date on which the addressee is summoned to appear.

(iii) When service is by registered or certified mail, the sheriff shall attach to his return the return receipt of delivery from the United States Post Office showing the disposition of the envelope bearing the summons to the juror.

(iv) When service is by regular mail, the return shall show the date of mailing.

(c) The return, when received by the clerk, shall form part of the record and shall be considered prima facie correct and shall constitute sufficient basis for an action to cite persons for contempt for failure to appear in response thereto.

C. If jury service would result in undue hardship or extreme inconvenience, the district court may excuse a person from such service, other than petit jury service, either before or after his selection for the general venire, jury pool, or jury wheel. The court may take such action on its own initiative or on the recommendation of an official or employee designated by the court. If the person is excused or has received a waiver for petit jury service, the court may order that the person be placed in a specified petit jury venire, a specified jury pool, or in the general venire again.

Acts 1983, No. 534, §6; Acts 2003, No. 678, §1; Acts 2005, No. 28, §2.

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