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Rs 13:2583.1 Deputies; Oath; Compensations

§2583.1. Deputies; oath; compensation

A. Each duly elected constable of a justice of the peace court in East Baton Rouge Parish and Jefferson Parish may appoint as many deputy constables as necessary for whose acts he shall be responsible. The deputies before entering upon their duties, shall take the oath required by the constitution and the laws of this state and meet the requirements of R.S. 40:2402 through 2406. A duplicate copy of the oath of office shall be filed with the office of the attorney general within seventy-two hours after being administered. Any deputy constable appointed pursuant to this Section shall not be entitled to any compensation from any local governing body or political subdivision, other than the constable's office, and shall not be entitled to any compensation from the state. Each constable may fix the compensation of his deputies and clerical forces. He shall pay from the fees generated by his office the compensation due all deputies and clerical assistants, the premiums on bonds required by him of any deputy in charge of public funds, insurance premiums, if provided, and any and all other expenses of any nature whatsoever necessary for the performance of all duties required of the deputy. He shall issue monthly or twice per month, at his discretion, to employees and deputies warrants or checks for the amounts due them.

B. The constable of a justice of the peace court authorized to appoint deputies under Subsection A may designate one of his deputies to be his chief deputy, who shall stand in the place of the constable during his absence from the ward.

C. The deputy constables authorized by this Section shall have the same qualifications and training as required by law of the constable of the justice of the peace court. The deputy constable need not be a resident of the ward from which the constable is elected, but he must be a resident of the parish within which the ward is located.

D. The provisions of this Section shall have no effect on nor limit the authority of a justice of the peace to appoint a special deputy constable pursuant to R.S. 13:3477.

Added by Acts 1989, No. 295, §1; Acts 2011, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 38, §1; Acts 2014, No. 381, §1.

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John Bel Edwards
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