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Rs 13:2110 Oakdale; Additional Fees In Civil And Juvenile Matters; Costs In Juvenile Matters; Disposition

§2110. Oakdale; additional fees in civil and juvenile matters; costs in juvenile matters; disposition

A. Except as otherwise provided by law and subject to the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure Article 5181 et seq., in addition to any other fees or costs provided by law, the clerk of the City Court of Oakdale may collect from each person filing any civil suit or proceeding a nonrefundable fee, not to exceed thirty dollars, in an amount determined by the judge. The clerk shall place all funds collected pursuant to this Subsection in the court general fund to supplement the operational expenses of the court. The expenditure of the funds shall be at the sole discretion of the judge of the court.

B.(1) In all delinquency and children in need of supervision, or Families in Need of Services (FINS), cases over which the City Court of Oakdale has jurisdiction, there may be assessed as costs against every juvenile who is adjudicated delinquent, admits to allegations contained in the petition, or enters into an informal adjustment or informal service agreement, the sum of fifty dollars.

(2) In addition to all other fees or costs now or hereafter provided by law, the clerk of court shall collect from every person filing any civil action, suit, motion, or rule to show cause in any juvenile matter over which the court has juvenile jurisdiction and where the judge deems it appropriate, the sum of fifteen dollars, subject, where applicable, to the provisions of Children's Code Articles 321 and 406 and of Code of Civil Procedure Article 5181 et seq.

(3) The clerk shall place all sums collected or received under this Subsection in a separate account to be designated as the Juvenile Expense Fund for the City Court of Oakdale. The city judge shall have control over the fund and all disbursements made therefrom.

(4) The Juvenile Expense Fund may be used for any operating expense of the court, including salaries for court personnel, and is in addition to any and all other funds, salaries, expenses, or other monies that are provided, authorized, or established by law, but no judge's salary may be paid from the fund.

C. All funds collected under this Section shall be subject to and included in the court's annual audit. A copy of the audit shall be filed with the legislative auditor who shall make it available for public inspection.

D. The assessment and disposition of any funds pursuant to this Section shall not affect the responsibilities of the city and parish governing authority provided by law for the financing of the City Court of Oakdale.

Acts 1996, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 18, §1.

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