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Rs 13:2106 Particular Courts; Nonrefundable Fee; Assessment And Disposition

§2106. Particular courts; nonrefundable fee; assessment and disposition

A. In addition to all other fees and costs now or hereafter provided by law, the clerk

of court of the city court of Slidell and the clerk of the Twenty-Second Judicial District

Court, St. Tammany Parish, except as otherwise provided by law and subject to the

provisions of Code of Civil Procedure Article 5181 et seq., shall collect from every person

filing any type of civil suit or proceeding involving domestic violence a nonrefundable fee

of twenty-five dollars per filing.

B. In each criminal proceeding, involving family violence as defined in R.S.

46:2121.1, simple or third degree rape, forcible or second degree rape, aggravated or first

degree rape, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, simple battery, aggravated kidnapping,

simple kidnapping, or false imprisonment, or any attempt to commit the aforementioned

crimes, a nonrefundable fee of twenty-five dollars shall be collected by the clerk of the city

court of Slidell and the clerk of the Twenty-Second Judicial District Court, St. Tammany

Parish, which shall be in addition to all other fines, costs, or forfeitures lawfully imposed.

If the defendant is found guilty and placed on probation, the court shall, as a condition of

probation require the defendant to pay the additional fee at the time the defendant is placed

on probation. If the sentence of the court is incarceration, the fee shall be collected at the

time of imposition of sentence.

C. The clerks of the respective courts shall remit all funds collected pursuant to this

Section to the parish governing authority of the parish of St. Tammany to be deposited into

a special account. All monies in this account shall be used solely for the purposes of

contracting with Safe Harbor, The Caring Center, or any other local nonprofit organization

which provides shelter for battered women and homeless women and their children in the

parish. The parish governing authority shall cause to be conducted annually an audit of the

funds and the books and accounts relating thereto and shall file the same with the office of

the legislative auditor where it shall be available for public inspection.

Acts 1992, No. 1102, §1; Acts 2006, No. 755, §1; Acts 2015, No. 184, §3.

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