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Rs 13:1140 Jurisdiction Of Civil District Court For The Parish Of Orleans

§1140. Jurisdiction of civil district court for the parish of Orleans

A. Pursuant to the authority vested by Sections 16, 18 and 32 of Article V of the Constitution, the civil district court for the parish of Orleans is hereby vested with jurisdiction of certain cases previously under the jurisdiction of the Orleans Parish Family Court, it being the intent of this Section that all facets and cases involving domestic relation problems hereafter shall be filed and heard before a single court, namely, the civil district court for the parish of Orleans which court shall have exclusive original jurisdiction over all cases involving domestic relations problems, more specifically the following, to wit:

(1) Actions for divorce, annulment of marriage, establishment or disavowal of paternity of children, alimony, support of children, custody by habeas corpus or otherwise, visitation rights, and all matters incidental to any of the foregoing proceedings.

(2) The issuance, modification, or dissolution of conservatory writs for the protection of community property.

(3) Repealed by Acts 1991, No. 976, §2.

B. The civil district court for the parish of Orleans shall continue to retain jurisdiction with respect to the issuance of writs of fieri facias and garnishment under judgments for alimony, child support, and attorney fees. The civil district court likewise shall retain jurisdiction over tutorships, partition proceedings following divorce judgments, and suits for separation of property.

C. With respect to cases and jurisdiction transferred herein, the civil sheriff for the parish of Orleans is hereby vested with the power and authority to serve all notices, subpoenas, papers, and writs and to make proper return thereto to the civil district court for the parish of Orleans.

D. The said civil district court shall have all other jurisdiction it had prior to the adoption of Act 620 of the Regular Session of the Legislature of 1976.

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