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Rs 47:645 Disposition Of Collections

§645. Disposition of collections

A. All taxes levied in this Part shall be collected monthly by the secretary and, except

as otherwise provided herein and in R.S. 30:301 et seq. and in R.S. 49:213.7, shall be paid

by him into the state treasury immediately upon receipt. When so paid, all of the severance

taxes collected on natural resources, severed from soil or water, including salt content in

brine, not otherwise allocated by the Constitution of Louisiana, shall be credited to the state


B. One-third of the sulphur severance tax but not to exceed one hundred thousand

dollars, one-fifth of the severance tax on all natural resources other than sulphur or timber

but not to exceed five hundred thousand dollars, and three-fourths of the timber severance

tax shall be allocated to the governing authority of the parish within which severance or

production occurs and shall be credited to such parish by the treasurer for allocation to the

governing authority of the parish in which severance or production occurs as provided in

Article VII, Section 4 of the Constitution of 1974. When these limits have been reached,

there shall be no further allocation, and all additional collections for the year shall be credited

in full to the state treasury except as provided in R.S. 30:88.1.

C. The portion of timber severance tax allocated to the governing authority of

Rapides Parish in accordance with the provisions enumerated in Subsection B of this Section

shall be expended for road and bridge repair within that parish. All such appropriations and

expenditures shall be prepared in accordance with the Louisiana Local Government Budget

Act, R.S. 39:1301-1316.

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