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Rs 39:99.2 Legislative Findings And Intent

§99.2. Legislative findings and intent

The major United States tobacco manufacturers and forty-six states (including the state of Louisiana) and other districts and territories of the United States have entered into a master settlement agreement that should result in Louisiana receiving substantial monies in perpetuity. The master settlement agreement has become effective in accordance with its terms, and Louisiana has begun receiving its allocation of the tobacco settlement payments to be made under the master settlement agreement. By constitutional amendments adopted by the legislature and the people of this state effective July 1, 2000, the monies to be received as a result of the master settlement agreement by Louisiana after the effective date are dedicated to the Millennium Trust and to the Louisiana Fund in certain proportions as more fully set forth in Article VII, Sections 10.8 and 10.9, respectively, of the Louisiana Constitution. The legislature has determined that there are risks with respect to the amounts of monies to be received as a result of the master settlement agreement, including among others the adjustments provided for in the agreement based upon tobacco consumption and litigation and potential further regulation of the tobacco industry, which could reduce the anticipated amounts of monies to be received in the future. The legislature has considered the financing techniques employed and to be employed by other jurisdictions to convert future tobacco settlement payments receivable as a result of the master settlement agreement into current assets and thereby to reduce exposure to the payment risks associated with the master settlement agreement and the credit risks associated with the tobacco industry. The legislature finds and declares it to be prudent and in the best interest of the state of Louisiana to employ such financing techniques to eliminate such risks as to a portion of the monies to be received as a result of the master settlement agreement by converting such monies to current assets to be deposited in and credited to the Millennium Trust in accordance with the following provisions of this Subpart.

Acts 2001, No. 1145, §1.

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