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Rs 34:1804 Authority For Issuance Of Bonds; Levy Of Taxes; Election

§1804. Authority for issuance of bonds; levy of taxes; election

The commission shall have authority, when authorized so to do by a vote of a majority, in number and amount, of the property taxpayers of the port area qualified to vote at an election for the purpose in accordance with law, to levy annually on all property situated within the port area, subject to taxation, an ad valorem tax not to exceed two and one-half mills on the dollar. The commission may, upon its own initiative, call a special election and submit to the qualified tax paying voters of the port area the question of authorizing the levy of such a tax. The commission shall call such a special election when requested so to do by petition in writing signed by one-fourth of the property taxpayers in number eligible to vote at such election. These special taxes shall be levied, assessed and collected on the property within the port area under the same methods, terms and conditions and at the same time as state and parish taxes are levied, assessed and collected; these taxes shall be secured by the same liens upon the property subject to taxation within the port area as taxes for state and parish purposes; and the property subject to any taxes within said port area shall be sold for failure to pay the same in the manner as property is sold for delinquent state, parish and other taxes under the laws of the state.

The provisions of the constitution and all laws regulating the collection of taxes, the creating of tax liens and mortgages, tax penalties and tax sales also shall apply to the collection of all taxes authorized by this Section. The sheriff and ex-officio tax collector for the parish of Avoyelles shall make a monthly settlement with the treasurer of the commission and receive from him a receipt for the amount of the taxes paid over in the same manner as tax collectors are required to settle with the auditor of the state. The tax collector shall receive from the treasurer the same quietus for a full settlement of taxes due and exigible in any given year and account for the delinquents or deductions in the same manner as though accounting to the auditor of the state for state taxes. The sheriff and ex-officio tax collector shall retain from all taxes collected by him for the port area the same commission allowed thereon to him by law on special taxes and shall deposit the amount thereof with the parish treasurer to the credit of the sheriff's salary fund. Upon the failure of the tax collector to comply with the provisions of this section, the commission shall proceed against him and the sureties on his official bond for the collection of whatever money may be owing to the commission for such special taxes.

The commission, with the approval of the board of liquidation of the state debt, is authorized to incur debts for its lawful purposes, and to issue in its name, negotiable bonds or notes therefor, and to pledge for the payment of the principal and interest of such negotiable bonds or notes the revenues derived from the operation of properties and facilities maintained and operated by it, or received by the commission from any taxes authorized under this Section or from other sources; provided, however, that the amount of such bonds or notes outstanding at any one time shall not exceed fifteen million dollars. Such bonds, when authorized to be issued, shall constitute, first, a general obligation of the commission, and secondly, the full faith and credit of the parish of Avoyelles is hereby pledged. In addition to the pledge of revenues to secure said bonds and notes, the commission may further secure their payment by conventional mortgage upon any or all of the properties constructed or acquired, or to be constructed and acquired by it. The commission is further authorized to receive, by gift, grant, donation or otherwise, any sum of money, aid or assistance from the United States, the state of Louisiana, or any political subdivision thereof, and unless otherwise provided by the terms of such gift, grant or donation, in its discretion, to pledge all or any part of such monies for the further securing of the payment of the principal and interest of its bonds or notes.

Added by Acts 1960, No. 331, §1.

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