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321.211 Notice And Hearing — Appropriation.

1. Upon suspending the license of a person as authorized, the department shall immediately notify the licensee in writing and upon the licensee’s request shall afford the licensee an opportunity for a hearing before the department of inspections and appeals as early as practical within thirty days after receipt of the request. The hearing shall be held by telephone conference unless the licensee and the department of inspections and appeals agree to hold the hearing in the county in which the licensee resides or in some other county. Upon the hearing the department of inspections and appeals may administer oaths and issue subpoenas for the attendance of witnesses and the production of relevant books and papers and may require a reexamination of the licensee. Upon the hearing and issuance of a recommendation by the department of inspections and appeals, the state department of transportation shall either rescind its order of suspension or for good cause may extend the suspension of the license or revoke the license. This section does not preclude the director from attempting to effect an informal settlement under chapter 17A.

2. There is appropriated each year from the road use tax fund to the department of transportation two hundred twenty-five thousand dollars or as much thereof as is necessary to be used to pay the cost of notice and personal delivery of service, as necessary to meet the notice requirement of this section. The department shall adopt rules governing the payment of the cost of personal delivery of service. The reinstatement fees collected under section 321.191 shall be deposited in the road use tax fund in the manner provided in section 321.145, as reimbursement for the costs of notice under this section.

3. A peace officer stopping a person for whom a notice of a suspension or revocation has been issued or to whom a notice of a hearing has been sent under the provisions of this section may personally serve such notice upon forms approved by the department to satisfy the notice requirements of this section. The peace officer may confiscate the driver’s license of such person if the license has been revoked or has been suspended subsequent to a hearing and the person has not forwarded the driver’s license to the department as required.

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