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321.105 Annual Registration Fee Required.

1. An annual registration fee shall be paid for each vehicle operated upon the public highways of this state unless the vehicle is specifically exempted under this chapter. If a vehicle, which has been registered for the current registration year, is transferred during the registration year, the transferee shall reregister the vehicle as provided in section 321.46.

2. The annual registration fee shall be paid to the county treasurer at the same time the application is made for the registration or reregistration of the motor vehicle or trailer. An owner may, when applying for registration or reregistration of a motor vehicle or trailer, request that the plates be mailed to the owner’s post office address. The owner’s request shall be accompanied by a mailing fee as determined annually by the director in consultation with the Iowa county treasurers association.

3. Upon application by a financial institution, as defined in section 422.61, and approval of the application by the county treasurer, the county treasurer in any county may authorize the financial institution to receive applications for renewal of vehicle registrations and payment of the annual registration fees. The annual registration fees shall be delivered to the county treasurer at the time the county treasurer has processed the vehicle registration application. Annual registration fees received with vehicle registration applications shall be designated as public funds only upon receipt of such funds by the county treasurer from the financial institution.

4. In addition to the payment of an annual registration fee for each trailer and semitrailer to be issued a registration plate under chapter 326, an additional registration fee may be paid for a period of four subsequent registration years.

5. Seriously disabled veterans who have been provided with an automobile or other vehicle by the United States government under the provisions of §1901 – 1903, Tit. 38 of the United States Code, 38 U.S.C. §1901 et seq. (1970), shall be exempt from payment of the registration fee provided in this chapter for that vehicle, and shall be provided, without fee, with one set of regular registration plates or one set of any type of special registration plates associated with service in the United States armed forces for which the disabled veteran qualifies under section 321.34. The disabled veteran, to be able to claim the benefit, must be a resident of the state of Iowa. In lieu of the set of regular or special military registration plates available without fee, the disabled veteran may obtain a set of nonmilitary special registration plates or personalized plates issued under section 321.34 by paying the additional fees associated with those plates.

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Collection of mobile home tax, §435.24

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Kim Reynolds
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