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321.101 Suspension Or Revocation Of Registration Or Cancellation Of Certificate Of Title By Department.

1. The department is hereby authorized to suspend or revoke the registration of a vehicle, registration card, registration plate, or any nonresident or other permit in any of the following events:

a. When the department is satisfied that such registration card, plate, or permit was fraudulently or erroneously issued.

b. When the department determines that a registered vehicle is mechanically unfit or unsafe to be operated or moved upon the highways.

c. When a registered vehicle has been dismantled or wrecked.

d. When the department determines that the required annual registration fee has not been paid and the fee is not paid upon reasonable notice and demand.

e. When a registration card, registration plate, or permit is knowingly displayed upon a vehicle other than the one for which issued.

f. When the department determines that the owner has committed any offense under this chapter involving the registration card, plate, or permit to be suspended or revoked.

g. When the department is so authorized under any other provision of law.

h. If a commercial motor vehicle has been assigned to be operated by a commercial motor carrier whose ability to operate has been terminated or denied by a federal agency.

2. The department shall cancel a certificate of title that appears to have been improperly issued or fraudulently obtained or, in the case of a mobile home or manufactured home, if taxes were owing under chapter 435 at the time the certificate was issued and have not been paid. However, before the certificate to a mobile home or manufactured home for which taxes were owing can be canceled, notice and opportunity to pay the taxes must be given to the person to whom the certificate was issued. Upon cancellation of a certificate of title, the department shall notify the county treasurer who issued it, who shall enter the cancellation upon the records. The department shall also notify the person to whom the certificate of title was issued, as well as each lienholder who has a perfected lien, of the cancellation and shall demand the surrender of the certificate of title, but the cancellation shall not affect the validity of any perfected lien.

3. Notice of suspension or revocation of the registration of a vehicle, registration card, registration plate, or any nonresident or other permit under the terms of this section shall be by personal delivery of the notice to the person to be so notified or by certified mail addressed to the person at the person’s address as shown on the registration record. A return acknowledgment is not necessary to prove such latter service.

4. If a vehicle, for which the registration has been suspended or revoked pursuant to subsection 1, paragraph “d”, or section 321.101A, is transferred to a bona fide purchaser for value without actual knowledge of such suspension or revocation, then the vehicle shall be deemed to be registered and the provisions of sections 321.28 and 321.30, subsection 1, paragraphs “d” and “e”, shall not be applicable to such vehicle for the failure of the previous owner to pay the required fees.

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Referred to in §321.30

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