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63-3709 Multistate Tax Compact Account — Creation — Appropriations.

63-3709. Multistate tax compact account — Creation — Appropriations. (a) There is hereby created in the office of the state treasurer and subject to his control and custody in the state operating fund an account to be known and designated as the "Multistate Tax Compact Account."

(b) All moneys collected as a direct result of audits or compliance activities conducted by the multistate tax commission or by employees of the state tax commission whose salaries are appropriated from the multistate tax compact account shall be paid by the state tax commission into the multistate tax compact account.

(c) Upon receipt by the state tax commission of the budget of the multistate tax commission, and the statement of Idaho’s share of such budget to be appropriated, the state tax commission shall review said budget and Idaho’s share, and shall determine compliance or noncompliance of said budget and share with section 4(b) of article VI of the multistate tax compact. Upon reviewing said budget and Idaho’s share thereof, the state tax commission shall, on or before February 1 of each year, certify to the Senate finance committee, the House appropriations committee, the Senate local government and taxation committee, and the House revenue and taxation committee, that the budget and Idaho’s share thereof either comply or do not comply with the provisions of section 4(b) of article VI of the multistate tax compact. Unless the legislature determines otherwise prior to adjournment, the amounts which the state tax commission has certified as complying with section 4(b) of article VI are hereby continually appropriated from the multistate tax compact account to the multistate tax commission.

(d) If, at any time, the funds in the multistate tax compact account exceed one hundred and ten percent (110%) of the most recent continuing annual appropriation to the multistate tax commission, the excess thereof shall be transferred to the general account.

(e) Payments to the multistate tax commission from the multistate tax compact account shall be made only with the approval of the state tax commission.

[63-3709, added 1980, ch. 115, sec. 1, p. 253; am. 1999, ch. 26, sec. 1, p. 38.]

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