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§47-16  Bond Anticipation Notes.

Whenever the governing body of the county shall have authorized the issuance of bonds under this chapter, general obligation bond anticipation notes of the county are hereby authorized to be issued in anticipation of the issuance of the bonds and of the receipt of the proceeds of sale thereof, for the purposes for which the bonds have been authorized. All general obligation notes must be authorized by the governing body of the county issuing same by ordinance or resolution of the governing body, which may be the same or a different ordinance or resolution as that authorizing the bonds. The maximum principal amount of the notes shall not exceed the authorized principal amount of the bonds. The director of finance of the county, with the approval of the governing body, may issue and sell from time to time the bond anticipation notes which have been authorized by the governing body. The full faith and credit of the county shall be pledged to the payment of the principal of and interest on the notes. The authorization, issuance, and details of the notes shall be governed by this chapter with respect to bonds insofar as the same may be applicable, provided that:

(1) Each note, together with all renewals and extensions thereof, or refundings thereof by other notes issued under this section, shall mature within five years from the date of the original note; and

(2) The interest on the notes shall be paid from the general fund of the county and the principal of the notes shall be paid from the proceeds of sale of the bonds in anticipation of which the notes have been issued or from any money in the general fund available therefor.

To the extent that the principal of the notes shall be paid from moneys other than the proceeds of sale of the bonds, the maximum amount of bonds in anticipation of which the notes are issued that has been authorized shall be reduced by the amount of notes paid in that manner. [L 1989, c 80, pt of §2]

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