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§ 619.14 - Administration And Enforcement.


The owner, occupant or lessor of a residence who makes arrangement for the collection of municipal waste, recyclable materials and/or leaf waste by a party other than the City shall upon request of the Director of the Department of Environmental Services file a sworn written statement as prescribed in

§ 619.02

(f). (b)

The Director is hereby authorized and directed to make reasonable rules and regulations for the operation and enforcement of this Chapter as deemed necessary and to make rules and regulations available to the public. The Director is also authorized to assess fees and prescribe payment procedures for (1) the collection of municipal waste in excess of one (1) time per week per single-family dwelling or small apartment building, (2) the collection of any contaminated recyclable material and (3) the collection of bulky waste in accordance with Waste Regulation 4.04(c). The fees shall be designed to reflect the costs the City incurs for such collections. Disputes as to fees shall be resolved upon request of aggrieved persons in a hearing before the Director, conditioned upon the timely payment of the fees, which shall be subject to refund if the aggrieved person prevails. Requests for hearings shall be made within thirty (30) days of receipt of each assessment. The rules, regulations and fees and any amendments thereto shall be effective upon publication of a general summary of their content in a newspaper circulating generally within the City unless the Director extends the effective date to a date following publication.

(Ord. 45-1991, eff. 12-20-91; Ord. 21-2004, § 29, eff. 12-2-04; Ord. No. 22-2008, § 1, eff. 11-19-08)

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