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§ 619.03 - Municipal Waste Storage, Collection And Receptacles.


Residents of single-family dwellings and small apartment buildings shall store municipal waste in the manner prescribed by Waste Regulations issued by the Director of the Department of Environmental Services.


Residents of single-family dwellings or small apartment buildings shall place municipal waste for collection at the time and in the manner prescribed by Waste Regulations issued by the Department.


The Director may grant exceptions to regulations promulgated pursuant to this section to single-family dwelling and small apartment buildings occupied solely by persons with physical limitations which prevent them from placing municipal waste at the curb; provided, however, that such persons submit a written request for backyard collection and certify in the request that the residence is occupied solely by such persons.


For the purpose of subsection (b)(1) hereof, "physical limitation" means any illness, injury, incapacity or other physical handicap which prevents the person from placing municipal waste at the curb; provided, however, that a physician certifies to the Department that such person is physically incapable of placing municipal waste at the curb. The certificate shall be renewed annually.


For single dwelling and small apartment building rental dwellings where owners, lessors or managers do not provide containers for the City's collection of municipal waste, both the occupants and the owners of the dwellings shall be responsible for compliance with this section and any regulations issued hereunder.


The Director is hereby authorized to issue regulations that provide for the collection of bulky rubbish, as defined in this Chapter or in the Waste Regulations, and dead animals separate from its regular collection.


The Department may exercise its right to inspect municipal waste and/or recycling containers placed at the curb for collection in order to verify compliance with this Chapter and with the Waste Regulations issued by the Department.


Municipal waste placed at the curb for collection shall continue to remain the responsibility of the generator of the waste until the municipal waste is collected by the collector or by the City. No other person or agent shall tamper with or remove such waste from the curb unless authorized by the generator or the collector or the City.

(Ord. 37-1990, eff. 12-28-90; Ord. 21-2004, § 29, eff. 12-2-04)

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