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6-64-204. Charges Brought Against Board Or Committee Members, Employees, Etc. -- Procedure.

(a) The Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas is fully empowered and authorized, either as a board or through any committee it may select or appoint, to inquire into and fully investigate any and all charges that have been or may be preferred against any trustee of the board or any member of any committee appointed by or under the direction of the board or any contractor, architect, builder, employee, agent, or other person acting by agreement with, or authority of, or under the board or any of the committees of the board, in any capacity whatever.

(b) For the purposes of such investigations or inquiry, the board or any committee that may be appointed by it shall and may hold meetings in the state, at such time and place as may be designated by the board, or by a committee so appointed.


(1) The chair of the executive committee of the board shall have full and ample power to issue all necessary process for summoning and compelling the attendance of witnesses before the board or committee and may impose upon all witnesses who refuse to obey such process, or to testify fully and explicitly before such board or committee, in reference to any and all such matters as may be the subject of inquiry, all the pains or penalties that might or could be imposed upon the witnesses by the circuit court, in any case, if a witness were to fail and refuse to appear and testify before the proper circuit court of his or her county in a cause or matter legally pending therein after being summoned to so appear and testify therein.


(A) The process issued by the chair of the executive committee may be directed to any sheriff, coroner, or constable in this state.

(B) If the officer fails, neglects, or refuses to execute the process, he or she shall be subject to all the forfeitures, pains, and penalties which might or could be imposed upon him or her for failing, neglecting, or refusing to serve necessary or proper process from a circuit court in his or her own county. The fine, imprisonment, and penalties as can be so assessed shall be enforced and carried out upon the order of the chair of the executive committee.

(3) The chair shall be required to have no commission to so act, except as a member of the board, and a certificate of his or her election or appointment to such place by the board of trustees or the president of such board.


Acts 1873, No. 33, § 2, p. 65; C. & M. Dig., § 9534; Pope's Dig., § 13157; A.S.A. 1947, § 80-2808.

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